Nicole Hayes

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Nicole Hayes
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Naval Commander
Gender Female
Affiliation The Liberty Navy
Status Active
Born 796 A.S., Planet Los Angeles
Died N/A

Nicole Hayes is a Commander in the Liberty Navy. She has previously been an Order agent and a freelancer.


Nicole is often harsh and critical of those she doesn't know, but once she gets to know someone she opens up to them, revealing a more playful, joking and sometimes cynical side. She is fiercely loyal to those she trusts, and will defend them with her life. She hates to see the law go broken without retribution. However, she's not above breaking the law to do her job, especially if she does so to bring criminals to justice. She is easily angered by those that annoy her or rub her the wrong way. She is stubborn, often to a fault, and fiercely proud and competitive.


Nicole was born on Planet Los Angeles to an Interspace Commerce executive and a Liberty Navy officer. She spent most of her time with her mother on Los Angeles, though she often worked away from home. A babysitter usually cared for Nicole. Her father frequently patrolled in the Navy, and rarely had time to care for his daughter, but he occasionally came home to spend time with her. Despite only rarely seeing him, Nicole admired her father and his occupation, and she wanted to be in the Liberty Navy as well.

At the onset of the Nomad War, Nicole’s father went MIA. Nicole’s mother became incredibly protective of her daughter, now her only connection to her missing husband. Nicole was distraught and confused, and though she was unwilling to accept that he was gone at first, as she grew older it seemed more and more inevitable that he was gone forever, especially as his absence continued long after the nomads had been driven out from the majority of Sirius.

Nicole’s fascination with the Liberty Navy died off over time. Reports of piracy and rebel factions springing up led her to believe that the police and navy weren’t very competent. She thought that if they were so good at what they did, then they should be able to patrol the trade lanes enough to prevent traders from coming under fire by hostile forces. Coming out of high school, Nicole decided to become a more independent freelancer to try to control criminals in her own way; however, her mother was not impressed, and told her that if she wanted to become a freelancer, she was not going to support her. Nicole accepted this grudgingly, and pooled together some funds for her first ship: a Hawk light fighter. She has been on ill terms with her mother ever since she left.

Naval Enlistment

During a period of restlessness and lack of direction, Nicole decided to join the Liberty Navy, as she had intended to do so long ago. With many people having told her that she would be a good fit, she thought that she may as well join and determine first-hand whether or not the Navy was to her liking. She sped through officer training, and quickly earned herself the rank of lieutenant, bypassing the junior lieutenant rank entirely.

Her flight status in the Liberty Navy constantly fluctuated, as she took much time out of the cockpit in officer training and marine training, and often remained in the Navy reserve instead of active flight duty. She was eventually promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.

Defection to the Order

Nicole investigated as much as she could into the death of her father while she was in the Liberty Navy, even going so far as to question the former Admiral David Hale as to his fate. She met with few conclusive results. Nicole remained dissatisfied with the answers the Navy had to present to her.

Almost a year into her service, Nicole came across the ship graveyard of Omicron Minor. Roy Sanders led her there and told her of the nomads and the threat that they posed. The prospect of such a grave threat frightened and unnerved Nicole, and while she did nothing immediately, the unease and concern planted a seed in her spirit that grew over time. Eventually, she could no longer stand it, and stole transmission frequencies from the Navy to contact the Order. Order Overwatch dispatched an agent to retrieve her, and she transitioned to the edge worlds for the first time in over a year.

Return to the Liberty Navy

Several months after joining the Order, Nicole received word that her friend and former superior officer, then-Fleet-Admiral Rachel Baker, had been incapacitated in a fight against the Gallic Royal Navy. Roy Sanders had ascended to the new role of fleet admiral, and in light of that, Nicole sought him out and contacted him. Roy convinced her to return to the Liberty Navy. While she had left the navy in search of more freedom, it was Roy that had instilled her with the drive to defect in the first place. She felt as though if anyone could drive the Navy to do what was right, then it was him. Upon her return, Roy insisted on promoting her to the position of Vice Admiral.


A list of the ships Nicole has owned, past and present.

Li elite.png
Cv fighter.png
Raven's Talon
Havoc Mk II