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Omega-58 system.png
Governing House Independent
Region Nomad Worlds
Omicron Theta

Omega-58 is the core system of Das Wilde; the remaining infected rheinic humans from the nomad war.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Neutron Star

  • TYPE: N/A
  • COLOR: N/A
  • MASS: 3.11 x 10e33 kg
  • DIAMETER: 0.56 x 10e7 km

  • None
  • Sterngrabe Nebula
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Sterngrabe Nebula

A vast area of heavily irradiated debris, asteroids, planetary fragments and dark matter. It is all that remains of the Omega-58 system after a massive, Wilde induced cataclysm destroyed the system. Drained of nearly all it's energy, the remains of its now dead star still linger in the center of the system.


Neutron Star

The Neutron Star of Omega-58 is a Stellar Remnant found at the very core of the system. It was created several years ago, when the Wild built and activated a Nomad Jump Gate in an attempt to connect Omega-58 directly to the Nomads. Upon activation however, an unstable and enormous portal was created, dragging nearly everything into a system now known as Drake. After the Jump Gate itself was pulled in, the portal became extremely volatile, causing the Omega-58 star to consume all its fusion material in a matter of seconds and go supernova. The portal finally collapsed, right before sucking a massive dark matter cloud into the system. All that remained after the cataclysm was the newly created Neutron Star, planetary material that hadn't been teleported through and the Dark matter cloud.

Located close to the infamous Omega-41 system, the object here is one of the only 2 Neutron Stars that emits visible radiation, with the other being the Omega-41 Neutron Star. However, Omega-58 is a much more hostile system, with higher radiation levels and low visibility. The Neutron Star itself can only be seen when dangerously close.

Similarly to Omega-41, there is a clearing in the middle of the system near the Neutron Star. Likewise, the area is exceedingly dangerous. Extreme Caution should be taken when in visual range.

There's something in the mist...

Jump Gates/Holes