Recklinghausen Base

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Recklinghausen Base
Asteroid class Asteroid Base
Recklinghausen Base.jpg
The Wild
3D, Omega-58
Technical Data
Gravity Unknown
Docking bays Unknown
Amenities Unknown
Population Unknown

With the destruction brought by the Omega-58 incident, the Wild were in disarray. However, with almost mechanical efficiency, they adapted to the changed conditions and constructed a small yet durable base in the Sternengraben Nebula. Hewn out of an asteroid containing large quantities of heavy metals that would shield the inhabitants from much of the ambient radiation, Recklinghausen Base is serving multiple purposes. Equipped with storage containers, it is not quite clear what the Wild would need to store, as it is widely believed within Core and Order circles that the Wild have no need to use normal fuels if they are not in need of being secretive. This led to the belief that the Wild are most likely storing food and water, as the basic laws of thermodynamics still apply even to infested humans, which therefore still requires them to eat and drink.

However, most of the inner workings of Recklinghausen is based on conjecture, as nobody was able to actually observe the Wild during their 'everyday lives' yet, or if they have, it is more than likely that nobody would rightly believe them.

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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter