The Brotherhood

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The Brotherhood
Brotherhood Logo.png
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) Elder Alexander Cross, Elder Atilla Farquar
Current leader(s) Elder Luciano Vasquez
Base of operations
Primary role
Serving the Corsair nation by using force
Secondary role
* Helping other Corsairs with their tasks (missions, navigation)
  • Weakening the enemy by any means possible
Table of contents
This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Corsairs

The Brotherhood's history

There are a lot of fellowships among the Corsairs. The Brotherhood proudly claims to be the oldest one. We are a militant group of radical Corsairs who prefer to achieve their goals by force than by using diplomatic ways as the diplomacy has repeatedly proved to be useless and leads to corruption rather than to its intended goals. This is especially true in recent days, where the Council of Corsair Elders has proved to be a body of men that are more interested in talk and diplomacy for the sake of talk and diplomacy, instead of as a tool to be used against the enemies of the Corsairs.

The Brotherhood is led by a group of older and skilled Corsairs, the Elders. They are the most respected ones among the rest of brothers, but once they get too old, they optionally step aside, take on the title Un Sabio and let the younger ones take their place. The word of the Elder is a rule and is always obeyed.

Our sworn enemies are the Outcasts (in the first place), Bretonians and Rheinlanders, particularly the Red Hessians. We take every chance to fight them but this is not the only way to make them weaker. The other way is piracy. The more traders we pirate, the less profit they bring to their houses. And hunting a Cardamine smuggler has always higher priority, then hunting an ordinary trader. However if you spot a smuggler with load of Alien Artifacts, or a trader bringing resources to our home system, it is wise to leave them alone or escort them safely to their destination.

We have fought many battles over the years, against all of our major foes. Our history is lined with the names of those who have fought and given their lives in the service of the Corsairs and the Brotherhood. We lost many in our attempt to fulfill the Road to Rheinland plan set fourth, and were forced to retreat. Many valiantly sacrificed themselves, including the Brotherhood's main flagship at the time, the Altaneria. We achieved more success against the Outcasts in Omicron Beta, where we managed to stand our ground with our other brothers, despite many offensives by the Outcasts. The Bretonians, held down by their war with Kusari, have their backs open to attack. Despite being a well-trained military force, we have been able to raid them numerous times and damage their shipping. More recently, we have set in motion a plan to reclaim our rightful place in Sirius, stolen from us by the four houses eight hundred years ago.

The Road to Rheinland plans have been set back by the unpredicted resistance of both the Blood Dragons in Sigma 13, and the Rheinland Military in Frankfurt. However, the plan has been extended and is waiting to begin after the current offensive on Bretonia is successful.

The Gallic Invasion of Bretonia is controversial issue in the Brotherhood. On one hand, it means the majority of the Bretonian Armed Forces are kept busy, away from the fertile lands of Planet Cambridge that the Corsairs have had their eyes on for years, but some in the Brotherhood are wary of the Gauls, and aren't excited to share the systems they see as rightfully theirs, with others. Furthermore, the situation back home is brewing trouble for us too. Yaren Base was lost to The Core, leaving Ciutadella Outpost as our final defense between the Nomad Worlds and our home of Omicron Gamma, and the Rheinland Military has also found the jumphole leading between Omicron Xi and Munich, so we have had to lead a defense against their forces. Fortunately for us, after the GMG attacked a Rheinland Federal Police Station in Frankfurt, they have entered a war with the Gas Miners, and now Kusari has entered the conflict too, rather than let Rheinland claim Planet Saigon, jewel of the Sigmas and a prime planet for Corsair colonization, after we let the two houses tire themselves out fighting each other.

Faction Details


  • Corsair IFF
  • The Brotherhood ID
  • Corsair ID may be used as a back-up
  • [TBH] tag after ship name


Ship Restriction

  • Usage of Corsair ships is highly encouraged, however commisioning of cruisers and battleshisp requires approval of Elders. Ships from hands of our allies or neutral parties are allowed with permission from allies and Elders. Usage of civilian ships is discouraged strongly.

Corsair shipline is defined as Decurion, Centurion, Gladiator, Titan, Praetorian, Imperator, Praefect, Legate, Murmillo.

Equipment Restriction

  • Always prefer Corsair weapons and equipment, we are lucky that the spectrum is quite wide. Never use any kind of Nomad equipment! Risk of possible infestation is too high!

Brotherhood Fleet

  • Battleship Prox (decommissioned) - The oldest Osiris class battleship of the Brotherhood, commanded by Elde Alexander, decommissioned and replaced by Altaneria, used for the protection of Gamma, helped in many victories. Stationed now in Omicron Gamma as last line of defense for Planet Crete.
  • Battleship Altaneria (lost in action) - The Legend among Corsairs, Osiris Class, commanded by all the Elders, led several victorious offensives in the past, was lost in the attempt to invade Frankfurt, there are still its wrecked parts floating in Sigma-17.
  • Battleship Memoria - the brand new flagship of the Brotherhood, Class Corsair Dreadnought, commanded by all the Elders.
  • Battleship Artemis (Retired for retrofitting) - Secondary battleship of the Brotherhood, Osiris Class, commanded by all the Elders and Centurions
  • Cazadora - the only cruiser of the Brotherhood, Praefect class, commanded by all the Elders and Centurions.
  • Cannonera - the only gunboat of the Brotherhood, Imperator class, commanded by all the Elders, Centurions and Decurions.
  • Arsenal - primary bank/storage ship of the Brotherhood, access granted to all the Elders.

Goals of the Brotherhood

  • Keeping Omicron Gamma nice and safe place, engaging enemy ships who entered the system, helping other Corsairs with their tasks (missions, navigation).
  • Pirating traders, demanding safe-passage fees, destroying those traders who choose to ignore such demands, attacking Cardamine smuggling routes and smugglers, supporting Alien Artifact trade and other vital products needed on Planet Crete.
  • Performing military operations against our enemies in their systems, weakening their economy by all means, destroying their ships and expanding into their territory.
  • Uniting brother corsairs under our organisation, helping them with their reputation issues, equipment and ship selection, etc.

Assisting our allies, and friends in their missions if there is no collision with the above goals.

Zone Of Interest

  • Other Omicrons, Sigmas, Omegas - systems with Corsair presence, piracy, attacks on military/police targets.

Brotherhood diplomacy

Faction Relationship
Farmers Alliance
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Samura Industries
Artifact Smugglers
The Junkers Congress
Daumann Heavy Construction
Crayter Republic
The Order
Faction Relationship
Ingenuus Research Group
Independent Miners Guild
Lane Hackers
Bounty Hunters Guild
Hellfire Legion
Golden Chrysanthemums
Blood Dragons
Gas Miners Guild
At War
At War
Molly Republic
At War
Red Hessians
At War
Blood Diamond Smugglers
At War
Sirius Coalition
At War
At War
The Wild
At War
Cardamine Smugglers
At War
At War



  • Elder - Luciano Vasquez <a.k.a JorgeRyan>

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Dead or MIA


How to sign up

  • You can contact any of the Elders to give you the startup bonus

Application Example

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Your skills
  • Reason why you chose us
  • Your biography (at least 10 lines)