Omicron Zeta

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Omicron Zeta System

Omicron Zeta is a new system that became accessible after the latest big ion storm that struck Sirius, closing some Jump Holes, and opening new ones. The Order has a sizeable influence over the system and will destroy any pilot found in the Chuuk Asteroid Field that shouldn't be there.

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System Overview

Local factions
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Planet Saipan
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Planet Murilo

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Areas of Interest

Chuuk Asteroid Field

The third field, known as the Chuuk Asteroid Field, is located at the South West of the system. It is a remnant of a cosmic cataclysm that occured many millennia ago. A particularly large planetesimal hit Planet Magur, and split it into several parts after impact. The silicate core of the planet survived, and everything else was crushed into smaller fragments and now comprise a large formation of asteroids that are now held together by Magur's gravitation. The Order declared the field its property and will destroy any pilot that has no reason to be there on sight.

Asteroid Ring

This asteroid ring has formed around the Omicron Zeta star. No further information.

Yap Edge Nebula

The Yap Nebula, located at the North West of the system is the center for most human activities in the Omicron Zeta system. The Order keeps the nebula under close control and their patrols are frequent in the area.

Pohnpei Edge Nebula

The Pohnpei Nebula, located at the North East is a typical field of the Edge Worlds, is composed of flat rocks and abundant mineable alien organisms. It was named such after the capital island of the Federated States of Micronesia once located on Ancient Earth. The name was was chosen by Zoner explorers who charted the field circa 790 AS. The nebula is known for exceptionally high Nomad activity.

Jump Gates/Holes