Padua Base

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Padua Base
Mire class Asteroid Base
Padua Base.jpg
RoguesLogo.png Liberty Rogues
6C, Galileo
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 360

Undoubtedly the most veiled and well-hidden of all Liberty Rogue hideouts, these murky tunnels, roughly cut from the core of a massive, deformed asteroid in the centre of Galileo's Reppu dark matter cloud, have housed perhaps the shadiest and most dubious elements of the Rogues for over a century, ever since the base's construction in early 602 [A.S] Copiously dosed with Pharmaceuticals to counter Reppu's constant radiation, Padua's murderous population subsists by striking at and hijacking trade between Kusari and Liberty.

The Reppu cloud scatters most known scanning devices. The Rogues use this effect to strike from the nebula unexpectedly, and often vanish into the murky mists once law enforcement shows up. Rogues generally waste no time in travelling to Padua once in the Reppu, as the disruptive effects of the nebula will quickly erode most normal matter, including their own spaceship hull. The Kusari and Liberty navies are reluctant to enter the nebula for this reason, although Bounty Hunters will sometimes follow the Rogues in.

Padua is also frequently visited by the Lane Hackers from Leiden. The two groups have an informal division of their influence in the system, with the Rogue turf being the south part of the system, and the Lane Hackers staying up north. The two factions trade frequently, as the availability of goods on both bases tends to depend on what their raiders are bringing in.

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