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The Faction was destroyed by the SCRA in 4.88. The ID was removed and the lawn was split between Corsair Empire, Pirates, BHG, Zoner & Coalition.

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  • The Reapers of Sirius are a group of mostly Outcasts who have broken away from their heritage. A large portion of them are Cardamine addicts. The group is attempting to settle in the Cayman system, and better their standing with its lawful neighbours by guarding civilians.

Pilot carrying this lawful ID is a Reaper of Sirius, who :

  • Can attack unlawfuls and quasi-lawfuls in self-defense or to protect a lawful ship.
  • Can engage any ships currently involved in combat within their Zone of Influence.
  • Cannot use transports with more than 3,600 cargo.
  • Cannot participate in unlawful actions except as described above.

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats, Cruisers, Battleships

  • Zone of Influence: Omegas, Omicrons
  • This ID may only be used if you are a member of the official player faction.