Rika Dimitrova

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Rika Dimitrova
Origin Kusari, Liberty
Affiliation The Order
Rank Commander
Born 6th March 794 A.S., Planet New Tokyo, New Tokyo

Early life and Kusari-Bretonia war

Children of James Williams and Aiko Kato, Rika stayed in Kusari with her mother. James is freelancer and explorer, always as he returned from space he told Rika about different places and systems in Sirius sector. Soon as she turned 18, joined Kusari imperial academy. She graduated for fighter pilot and soon her wing was dispatched to war against Bretonia. When she lost her only two friends, she resigned from KNF and left for house of Liberty.

After Kusari and Order

She decided to be freelancer like her father, earning money by small-scale trading, escorting trading vessels and occasionaly racing in Dublin system. In that system, she saw multiple strange ships which were nomads as she learned later. Deciding to find answer she travelled to Omega and Omicrons systems. Soon finding Bounty Hunters and Order. Disliking Core, Bounty Hunter private army methods she quickly decided turn towards Order. Learning more about nomads decided to join Order ranks soon joining Order primary fleet. Serving as pilot and later as bridge officer on CV-Sajuuk she was promoted to commander and aquired command of CV-Spectre, resheph cruiser and deployed in Bretonian border worlds. From time of deployment for galactic west of Sirius sector she rarely visits Toledo, sometimes she and crew are isolated from other order personel.

Current affairs

Married to a Liberty Navy Captain Georgi Dimitrov. Lives on Planet Curacao were they will have their first child.


Rika Dimitrova
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Rika Dimitrova