Tara Snow

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Tara Snow
Tara Snow.jpg
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Gender Female
Height 5'8" (1.72 m)
Weight 147 lbs (66.67 kg)
Hair color Brown/Black (Depending on hair dye)
Eye color Hazel
Affiliation unknown
Status Alive
Born 799 A.S.
Table of contents

Mother: Jenette Snow :: Father: Kyle Snow

School Life

Tara was born to a family on Planet Los Angeles to a medium class family. Her mother and father were both quite reasonable people. Her mother stayed at home most of the day, while her father was always out at work with Deep Space Engineering. Tara was raised just like any other children would be, being sent to school at age five. Tara did quite well during her first years in school.

"I don't want to learn stupid stuff which I won't use when I grow up!" -- Tara Snow, age 12

Tara instead began studying on her own at home, despite her parents constant pleads to actually go back to school like any other girl would do. Tara finally honored her parents wishes at age 14, and returned back to sixth grade. However, the young girl managed to pass a test which she specially requested from the administration of her school, the end of year tenth grade test. She passed that test with a 97% accuracy on the subjects of space, and the technology that people began using for their vessels, including the basic inner workings of quite a few spacial objects.

Tara was moved up at age 15 to grade 11. A high school, being the youngest person in the grade. However, she once again spent quite a bit of her time in class on other subjects not pertaining to what was being taught up front. Splitting the singular atom didn't really interest her like the other kids were learning, instead she sat in the back and read books on the massive engines and hull construction of the Battleships ran by the various navies. Subjects which were quite in-depth, yet had little practical use as a child. Tara proceeded to scrape by in class with almost failing grades, eventually graduating high school a few years earlier than her normal class of students. The bi-product of this however, was that her mind was filled with quite a few complicated subjects. Yet she lacked the basics, and still does to this day.

Moving Out

Tara had the option of going to college, however she eventually decided that it wasn't what she was called to do. Class was boring to her. She much preferred to learn things on her own through resources that could be found on the Neural Net, or by talking to other people. Her relations with other people however were not really the best to begin with once she left school. She constantly found herself in a bad habit of watching other people and the way they talked, instead of talking herself. This drew a line between her and others, drawing them away from her. At first, it didn't bother her too much, however eventually it indeed started to have an effect on her. Loneliness.

Tara took out a 'loan' of all things and bought a small Ravens Talon to begin traveling through space, wanting nothing to do of being tied to a planets surface. On her forth week of flying around Sirius looking for something to do which could hopefully bring in some sort of income, she met a woman by the name of Rin Hayashi. Rin introduced herself to Tara out of nowhere, being quite the extremely social person that she is. The two eventually became close friends as Tara didn't really have anyone else to talk to at the time being. Rin mentioned that she had a friend named Anna McCarthy up in the Taus who may be able to offer some work if she really needed it, and that was precisely the opportunity that she took.

She once again made quick friends with Anna McCarthy, and took up work with the IMG that was offered to her. She remained quite happy around the two of them, eventually taking notice in what Anna did in her spare time. Tara first noticed when Anna decided to invite her over to her room on Java to take a look at something that she found out, after making Tara promise not to tell anyone else what it was about. After visiting her, she discovered that Anna McCarthy was looking into Nomadic materials. The strange 'aliens' that Tara had only heard stories about.

Shortly after that single night, Tara began to get an interest with the enigmas herself. They were not understood by the world currently, and the Order even went as far as to discourage those who decide to pursue the research on their own, due to the threat of Not understanding what you are getting into.

Despite this, she never believed the Orders claims of the Nomads being Evil. She didn't believe it, and she pledged not to until she found evidence showing that they are truly evil beings herself.

Working on a purpose

A single year passes, and Tara then decides to head out into Space once more away from the IMG and Tau's. Heading into Omicron space to pursue her own interest of the Nomadic beings. Despite her moving away, she kept close contact with Rin Hayashi, still feeling quite attached to her first friend in space.

Having saved up a few credits from her time with the IMG, Tara bought a Spatial Deep Space Explorer to house some equipment that she had put together for her. This included a upgraded computer system, with the extra space she was going to need, as well as a fitted sensor system which was much better than the stock model that came with the vessel itself. During her time at the Omicrons, she did just that.

She spent a year in that end of space, getting back in contact with Rin now and then, while staying at the Freeport in Delta where she rented a room for quite some time. Tara however soon left the area after discovering some data, due to some news she heard from Rin. Anna McCarthy has gone missing.

Rin was completely distraught, searching as hard as she could to find her friend, yet nothing turned up. The woman went into depression quickly after, not even Tara was able to cheer her up, in fact she pushed Tara away as she saw her trying to help her as a bother. Rin quickly went down the wrong path and was taken in by a group of people. Rin went missing for three months merely a week after Anna went missing herself.

The Ultimate Currency

With Rin gone, Tara eventually came to the conclusion that perhaps it would be better if she tried to meet some other people around Sirius. However she honestly didn't have any intention of making friends. She wanted the ability to get things done. She desired it greatly. She wanted to be able to do as she pleased as her aspirations began to pick up.

Spending some time back in Liberty, she by accident met a man named Jacob Wells. He was caught in a tight situation in space with some Liberty Rogues, as it seems they wanted to get him quite badly. Tara managed to ward off the Rogues to defend the man, by faking that the Navy was merely a few thousand meters away, and could easily fly in with cruise speed. A warning that they had better leave. Of course, this was a lie. However it worked.

Jacob was quite pleased with the turn of events, and rewarded Tara with some credits for her help, as well as a Neural Net address to contact him if she needed something in the future. After the man had left, Tara soon began to realize that what he had given her was perhaps the most important currency to her. Not credits. But favors.


Three months after Rin's disappearance, she reappeared as suddenly as she left. Tara received a message to meet her in the Omicrons of all places. Tara returned to the space, as she was familiar with the area and found that Rin was quite alive, and real. The one thing off about her, is that her close friend asked quite a few.. different questions than what she would usually do. These relating to what she wanted to do with her life, and if she found somewhere to stay.

Rin invited Tara to a place further in the Omicrons on her own vessel, explaining that she made some friends that may be interested in her, and her capacities. Tara hesitantly agreed, and was taken out to trough a nebula she had yet to explore in one of the systems of the Omicrons, and was awe-struck by what she discovered. Nomad satellites. She was being brought into Nomad space itself. She tried questioning Rin on what she was doing, not out of horror, but curiosity. These were the beings that she was so interested in. She was naive enough at the time, to not be thinking about the dangers of the territory. It didn't matter to her, she wanted to learn more.

She was brought to a station in the Omicrons, that was rumored to be named 'Iota' by the humans. A space station. A shipyard, except it was encased in rock. The station seemed to accept Rin's vessel without any questions, as she did indeed manage to dock. Tara immediately wanted to go out and learn all about of where they were, although for some unknown reason to her, Rin seemed dead-set on bringing her to someone first.

The offer

Tara was escorted through the winding hallways, into a large dome area of the base. A strange vortex pulsing on the ground, and floating images displaying something in a language she couldn't understand. The people here were not Nomads. But humans. This fact confused her greatly, yet she merely continued following her Kusarian friend as she seemed to know where she was going. She was greeted by someone who called herself Izumi Usagi. Izumi questioned Tara about herself, which she hesitantly offered out to the strange woman.

Abbreviating things, Izumi after finishing up with her questions offered Tara a purpose. Something that she could work to in her life instead of traveling aimlessly like she had for her entire existence so far. Tara was well versed in the idea of Infection. That was one of her study subjects beforehand, and quickly refused if Infection was what she referred. She bluntly stated that she was not to become a slave. Yet the idea indeed sounded appealing.

Tara was lonely. Too lonely. She had nothing to go for. The idea was great. Something that she could actually make a difference. Of course, this was not all crystal clear on what this actually pertained. Rin herself revealed that she was infected openly. That the girl inside of her was indeed the one who she met earlier, as she was very.. cooperative. Rin explained that she was broken after Anna left, however the Nomads gave her something to work for. Thus her returned state. Because she was.. 'useful' and 'cooperative' enough, the Incubi allows her to walk freely, under check of course.

Tara still refused. She did not want to be an infectee of the Nomads. Izumi however, offered her a different choice. She was the head of the Spectres. However Izumi left out many of the details, causing Tara to eventually decide that she would think about the concept of something to do. Quite frankly, anything right now was better than the degrading path she was facing forward anyways.

Rin escorted her back to the Omicrons, under the condition that she lived with Tara for a while. Despite it being a mere single-bed room on the Freeport that Tara rented, Rin didn't seem to care and boldy shared it with Tara. After protesting the arrangement for a little, she eventually gave in.

The decision

Tara thought for a full week about the proposition given to her by Izumi, living through the Kusarian who just 'refused' to leave her side, to her embarrassment even clung on to the woman unconsciously at night. Tara eventually stopped minding it, finding that her attachment to Rin was still there. She was fond of the girl of her age.

She asked Rin to take her back to Izumi, which she did promptly. Put short? She agreed.


With the help of Izumi, she recieved some credits to outfit a bigger ship that would satisfy her curiosities better. Of course, those with the added work that she would be asked to do by the woman now and then.

Tara bought a old beat up Zoner Cruiser, a barily functioning one. Patching the vesesl up over a period of a few months, she eventually restored it to a half-powered state that could run without a crew. Of course, this encompassed the fact that the weapons were completely disconnected, a few decks life support didn't run as they should, and the bridge was jerry-rigged to a single console with some programming work. The vesesl was designed to house others for short periods of time, thus the larger size. Tara wanted something smaller, however Izumi insisted on it.

She eventually grew quite fond of the vessel and the size that it had, however there was always one thing that she could not forget. She was alone. When Rin wasn't around, she had nobody. Nobody to talk to but herself, nobody to do anything else with, and it scared her. She thought herself to have toughtened up over the years, however lonliness genuinly terrified her. It was the one thing that she could never shake.

Due to the mental crisis she was going through, she eventually decided that perhaps it may be best to return to her home-planet on her old Ravens Talon and spend a night there to hopefully clear up her head.

A night of agony. Returning did not help in the slightest. Wandering the streets, she then noticed an advertisement for adoption on her Neural-Net pad. It seems that the planet had quite a few children who didn't have any homes. At the time? Her next decision was completely impulse. However she did not regret the results in the future one bit.

She adopted a child. A young girl with the name "Ivy Addison". She never believed in superstition, however she felt that merely by seeing her, that was the one that was right.

Getting Accustomed

Ivy, now Ivy Snow took quite the liking to Tara. She suspected this was because Ivy herself was alone for quite a long time in her lifetime. Because of this, she herself took a large fondness to the girl.

It was a little difficult for Ivy to get used to life on the Sirens Bell (Tara's Cruiser) yet she eventually did warm up to the lifestyle. She wasn't allowed to get out much, however Tara happily taught her anything that she asked, and spent quite a bit of time with her. The two were inseparable.

-- Will be continued in a few days --


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