Violet Stryker

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Violet Stryker
Violet Stryker, 820 A.S.
Origin Independent Systems
Occupation Thug, Singer, Observer
Gender Female
Height 157cm (5’2″ft)
Weight 51kg (112lbs)
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Affiliation Nomads (Former: None, Aoi Iseijin)
Military service None
Rank None
Status Active (821 A.S.)
Born August 9, 802 A.S. (Leo), Freeport 4

Early Days

Violet or - as she prefers it - "Vi... just Vi!" was born august 9th 802 A.S. on Freeport 4 in Magellan. Her father (William) was a technician on the freeport, while her mother (Janine) was an unhappy and unsuccessful actress. At the age of 3 her mother decided to leave her family to chase her dream to become a famous actress. She left with a rich businessman she met on Planet Curacao while working there as a barkeeper in one of the many luxury baths. William always told Violet her mother went to Planet Manhattan, but she never saw her again since then. People say that's the reason why she is seen in the Orbit around Planet Manhattan quite frequently, but maybe she's just there to pester one of the many passing traders for a job or to mock the authorities...


Violet was tutored by her father himself. Even if she seemed to have quite some smarts, she rather spent her time in using those to cause all kinds of trouble on the station: disturbing the administration, crawling through funnels or stealing sweets from one of the docked ships in the cargo bay - you name it. Being overworked, William never got or regained control over her and still tried to be as good as a father as he could, which turned out in spoiling Vi and she learned early to take advantage of her fathers wrongdoing.

Barrier Gate Station, shortly after being put into full operation.

Around 808 A.S. Violet's father got hired by the IMG on Freeport 4 to help a freelancer named "George Tinsley" to construct the Barrier Gate Station in Coronado. Not completly knowing what this station even was about he decided to take the job based on the high payment offered to him.

Vi basically lived on a construction site for about a year until the Barrier Gate Station was habitable for her, her father and the other workers - she still is grossly proud to be one of the people who "built" the station. As time went on she and William stayed there. He was working hard to provide Vi with as much as possible, while she was once again causing - and this time also getting into - all kinds of trouble. Once put into operation, the station also got flooded with all kinds of shady people: murderers, pirates, drug runners, terrorists, racketeers, kidnappers, mercenaries, sex workers and the list goes on...


Vi started to get into fights - mostly with children from the local prostitutes. The main reason was getting mocked for not having a mother, while she responded something mean about their mothers' profession. The results were bruises, bleeding noses, sprains and even sometimes fractures for the young girl. So, she spent most of her time alone.

That was the time, when she also discovered her fascination with singing - sitting alone in her room creating silly and insulting lyrics about the other kids, while consuming Synthetic Marijuana or alcohol.

"Probably a stupid legacy of "moms" artsy-fartsy side...".

When she realised she couldn't win most of those fights because of her physique, she advanced to framing the other kids. For instance stealing drugs and placing them in their rooms just before giving the "victims" a tip for some cash. Even though there is nothing specific known, she might also got into some serious trouble with a group of Outcasts, as a result of failing at one of her "coups"...

While growing up to a beautiful young woman, she learned about basically every illegal practice out there from observing and listening to the locals in the bars, docks and cargo bays out of the shadows (or funnels). She even started to practice some of them herself: blackmailing, scamming, stealing, muling and so far and so forth.

The young thug got in a heavy argument with her father about her way of life, while she blamed him for everything. In the end it resulted in Vi's runaway as a stowaway on a freighter heading to Java Station in Tau 23. There she stole a basic Raven's Talon and took off into space.

Past (820 A.S.-821 A.S)

The seventeen years old layabout made her ship untraceable as stolen and invested a little fortune in equipping it with the best of the best from the black markets across Sirius. Violet made this money by using her skills in the only "professions" she learned about in her life and as an escort for all kinds of traders. She was also working on her "career" as a musician. "Vi and the Un-Liberties" was released, but unfortunately didn't sell that well...

Drifting around, she met and worked with a wide variety of people. Her work mostly consisted out of simple escort jobs, scouting and smuggling operations, but none of her relations with other people or groups was of long continuance due to Violet's difficult to get along with persona and/or her unreliability/lack of skill.

During her usual "mocking-routine" around Planet Manhattan she met Mark Locust. Violet happened to escort him and his transport on a few occasions to Kusari and Bretonia. This loose business relationship between those two then expanded to smuggling Artifacts into Libertonian space.

One day Vi received a call from her new "friend", which was the opening to her unfortunate fate. Rachel, later to be known as Tara Snow to the young thug, forced the singer to join her cause by threatening her life. This meant to work for the Nomads. It led to the young woman being part of assassination missions and having to destroy a research station. Being stuck in this situation Vi complied. But even if she was afraid, her bratty attitude, her unwilling spirit and lack of skill required for those tasks - being more of a burden than an addition to the group she was forced into - made the Nomads reconsider, if they had actual use for her and ultimately they came to the conclusion that she might be of more use as a host for a Nomad Incubus. Izumi Usagi, a mysterious leader of the human servants of the Nomads, forcefully inserted a seed into her, which very soon should become the dominating personality in her body, having full control over her whenever it wants to, to fullfill the Nomads' will.

Violet Stryker, observing Kusarian troop movements in the orbit of Planet New Tokyo.

Speaking about personalities: thankfully(?) Ivy, a younger girl who was also part of this "cell", was able to convince the Nomad Incubus, which soon should be known to them as "Anymra", to preserve Violet's mind - for now...

This callous new being went on a few missions with this group, studying them and humanity in general to learn to blend into human society for future tasks. After that she left the group to fly with other Infectees in Kusari and its surrounding systems for a short period of time until her new task was to visit and stay on Planet New Tokyo to observe the elections and military ship movements as well as influencing people and events for the Nomads. During this time Violet's mind was struggling inside against her new owner.

Present (821 A.S.)

Recently the infected hull left Planet New Tokyo to observe other places, to gather more knowledge and maybe even to meet up with her old "friends" Mark Locust and Tara Snow to fulfill its purpose...


Violet is arrogant and likes to talk smack to pretty much everyone she wants. Vi also likes attention, be it the positive or the negative kind. Despite the fact not being the most intelligent person in Sirius she's quite cunning. If Violet has a goal, she goes pretty much every way she needs to reach it - be it criminal, legal or anything between. Although the criminal way is most likely, because Vi prefers to cut corners whenever possible and she's just more familiar with it. Since Violet has no obligations to anyone, she's pretty much on the side which offers her the most benefits. Even though it might not appear like it, Vi is actually - most of the time - quite calculating in what she does and says, always focused on her own advantage and needs. Overall a very annoying and conceited "brat". Based on her past she has an aversion for planets and feels much better being in space or on space stations.

The infection occasionally leads to her being more obedient to avoid getting "herself" into dangerous trouble.

Her parasite's "personality" is unknown yet.

Psychological Evaluation

Vi suffers from a strong "NPD" (narcissistic personality disorder), mostly characterized by symptoms of the compensatory narcissist subtype.

Personal Views

Faction Violet's Personal View
Aoi Iseijin
Das Wilde
The Order
Everyone else
Anymra's Personal View
At War
Individual Violet's Personal View
Mark Locust
Ivy Snow
Tara Snow
Izumi Usagi
Jack Starr
Rin Hayashi
Anymra's Personal View


Vi cover final.png

"Vi and the Un-Liberties" (release 820 A.S.)