Battleship Nagasaki

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Battleship Nagasaki
Genji class Battleship
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Flag-kusari.png Kusari Naval Forces
D6, Honshu
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Commissioned in 799 AS, the Battleship Nagasaki is one of the most powerful battleships in the Kusari Naval Forces. It has seen action in several conflicts, most notably against Rheinland during the Nomad War, and against Outcast war bands in Tau-29. A proud representative of the Naval Forces, it was instrumental in Kusari's offensive push into Leeds.

After Gallia invaded the Tau Systems and cut the Kusari frontline in two, the Nagasaki's crew remained loyal to the exiled Emperor. With the fall of Leeds, the remnants of the Kusari expeditionary fleet withdrew through Newcastle with intent to return to Kusari. When Emperor Tetsuya took full control of the exiled fleet in 822 AS, he re-organized the waning power of the Imperial forces, amassing them in the Taus, slowly withdrawing from Bretonia. Nagasaki operated in Tau-29, assisting the Gallic Council in disrupting Gallia domain over the region, while serving as the staging point for the preparations for the Imperial reclaiming of their homelands.

The Nagasaki was the imperial flagship of the battle of the Tau-29 gate in January 823 AS, where the veteran forces of the IKN pushed back the garrison of the Battleship Nagumo, and drove back the collaborationist regime halfway through the system. Despite the modern design, years of operation within the Tau systems had taken their toll upon the battleship. Lacking the supplies and components need to run optimally, the Nagasaki was unable to press the advantage gained by the first strike, instead being chosen to secure the passage into the Tau cluster.

During 823 AS, it coordinated strikes against the Republican forces in Nansei and other locations in Kyushu, while steadily rebuilding its strength with the aid of supporters of the cause inside Kusari. In a desperate move, the Nagasaki lead a large force of Exile troops into Kyushu, hoping to turn the civil unrest in the system into a full-blown civil war. In the ensuing battle against the Nagumo and her battlegroup, the Nagasaki took little damage as the battle concluded prematurely due to retreat of Republican forces.

In 824 AS the Nagasaki spearheaded a renewed offensive in Kyushu against the Republic, facing the Nagumo's fleet once more in battle. Despite failing to sink its rival once and for all, the assault was successful, and the Imperial Forces wrested control of the planet and its orbit from the Republican regime.

With the dawning of the near year, the guns of the Imperial and Republic fleets fell silent as a once divided Kusari became whole once more. The Nagasaki now stands vigil at Roppongi Station in the very heart of the nation, ensuring the new government is reformed peacefully and without threat from those who would seek to derail it.

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