The Black Dragon Society

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Hogosha

The Black Dragon Society
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Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Affiliation Hogosha
Alignment Quasi-legal
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Kumicho Kayo Chiba
Base of operations Kabukicho Depot, New Tokyo
Primary role
Promoting the welfare and prosperity of the Kusari people
Secondary role
Smuggling, Extortion, Power-brokering, Covert Ops

The Kokuryū-kai (黒龍会), or Black Dragon Society, is by far the largest and oldest of the Hogosha syndicates. It is a secret ultra-nationalist umbrella organization whose membership is composed of government officials and military officers as well as many martial artists and members of the Kusari underworld who engage in political terrorism and assassination.


The Black Dragon Society engages in contraband operations, the Corsair artifact trade, and gambling. Furthermore, the Black Dragons provide lucrative espionage services for the Kusari colonial government.

The Society is headed by the Kumichō (組長, family head) who gives orders to his subordinates, the kobun. In this respect, the organization is a variation of the traditional Kusari senpai-kōhai (senior-junior) model; members of the Black Dragon Society cut their family ties and transfer their loyalty to the Kumicho. They refer to each other as family members - father and elder and younger brothers.

Unlike many crime groups, women are sometimes involved in its activities. When the Kumicho was assassinated in 539 AS, his wife took over as boss of Society, albeit for a short time.

The Black Dragon Society has a very complex organizational structure. There is an overall boss of the syndicate, the Kumicho, and directly beneath him are the Saiko Komon (senior advisor) and So-Honbucho (headquarters chief). The second in the chain of command is the Wakagashira, who governs activities in a region with the help of a Fuku-Honbucho. The rank and file themselves are governed by their local boss, the Shateigashira.


The Black Dragon Society follows largely the same diplomatic lines agreed upon by all Hogosha syndicates, with some differences thanks to communications between the Society and other factions.

Faction Relationship
Farmers Alliance
Unione Corse
Kusari Corporations
Lane Hackers
Foreign corporations
Foreign House Lawfuls
The Order
At War
Blood Dragons
At War
Golden Chrysanthemums
At War
Synth Foods
At War

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