Kamakura Base

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Kamakura Base
Arakachi class Station
Kamakura Base.png
HogoshaLogo.png Hogosha
7D, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 210

After having learned of their rival Kishiro's plans in conjunction with the Gas Miners Guild for the Okinawa system in early 758 A.S., Samura Industries decided that it could risk somewhat more indirect intervention to destroy or at least delay the plans of its rivals. To this end, it has enlisted the aid of the Hogosha, insisting that they build an outpost to keep an eye on developments within the system, and disrupt them wherever possible. The Hogosha readily agreed, having no love for Kishiro or the Gas Miners Guild in particular and secretly began construction on Kamakura base within the Hasuda Asteroid Field. Construction was completed in late 805 A.S., despite several delays and near discovery of the base by Golden Chrysanthemum and GMG patrols.

The Hogosha launch frequent raids against the operations near Miura from Kamakura, but most of these are meant to disturb the smooth operation. The base has also become an important waystation for Corsair and Hogosha smugglers bringing Artifacts into Kusari.

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