Timeline of Rheinland history

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This is a timeline of Rheinland history. To read about the background to these events, see History of Rheinland. To read a more general timeline of all important Sirius events, see Timeline of Sirius history.

1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th - 8th - 9th

1st century

Year (A.S.) Event
2 Sleeper ship Rheinland arrives in Sirius.
3 The Rheinland lands on Planet New Berlin.
54 Daumann Heavy Construction formed.
60 Oder Shipyard opened for business.
61 First vessel (exploration ship) produced by Oder Shipyard.
69 Von Rohe's expedition sets out on it's 50 year journey.
82 Dresden system is surveyed.
85 Stuttgart system is surveyed.
89 Rheinland colony ship reaches Planet Stuttgart. Colonisation of the planet begins.
91 First food transport from Stuttgart reaches New Berlin.
94 Daumann receives mining rights in New Berlin. First heavy mining vessel leaves Oder Shipyard.

2nd century

Year (A.S.) Event
101 Oder Shipyard merged with other installations in orbit of New Berlin. The new station is christened The Ring.
104 Omega-15 system surveyed.
110 Omega-11 system surveyed.
120 Planetary docking ring technology licensed to Rheinland.
124 Daumann introduces a new line of mining ships, revolutionising the Rheinland industry.
170 The first warship of the Rheinland Military embarks from Oder Shipyard.
181 Military command in Rheinland is disbanded in favour of a Rheinland parliament -- the Reichstag. The first passed bill recognises the supreme commander of the military as the Kaiser of Rheinland.
188 Dresden - New Berlin jump gate completed.
193 Frankfurt system surveyed.

3rd century

Year (A.S.) Event
217 Stuttgart - New Berlin jump gate completed.

6th century

Year (A.S.) Event
588 KMS Helle Wolke lost in Sigma-13 to an unknown malfunction. Rheinland blames the GMG.
589 Empress Leicht annexes Sigma-13 for Rheinland. The Eighty Years War begins.

7th century

Year (A.S.) Event
  • Liberty bails out the failing Rheinland economy with a massive loan.
  • The Popular Revolution begins in Dresden.

9th century

Year (A.S.) Event
802 Chancellor Alfred Steller is elected into office.
810 Chancellor Nikolaus Reinhardt is elected into office.