Valeria Benitez

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Valeria Benitez
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Affiliation Corsairs (Corsair Benitez Family)
Born June 21 794 A.S., Gran Canaria, Omega 49
Died Still alive


Born on Planet Gran Canaria in the year 794 A.S., Valeria's parents had left Planet Crete and sought out this distant planet to raise their daughter in a better climate. While they also wanted their people to thrive and survive they did not agree with many of the Corsair's methods.

Far away from the Corsairs and the ever present war in their regions of space, Valeria was raised by her parents and grew to an intelligent young woman. During her youth, the station Porto Novo was built in the nearby Omega 50 sector where Valeria spent most of her time because of the great variety in cultures to learn about once she was old enough. As she came of age to leave her home systems and discover the universe by herself, she booked a passage with a zoner transport towards Liberty as she was curious about the fabled land of endless possibilities. One of these possibilities however, was something Valeria was not prepared for. After she had settled a bit in Liberty and was exploring on an unseeming day, she was so unfortunate to meet a Bounty Hunters Guild patrol who mistook her for a known criminal because of her striking similarity. It did not interest them that she was an entirely different person and the authorities at first dismissed her plea for help as an attempt to escape law and justice. As they investigated however, they found out that she was indeed not the criminal they sought but they also found out about her hispanic origin. Holding no love for such people, the authorities handed her back to the bounty hunters and turned a blind eye on what would happen after that, so the group of Bounty Hunters, being addicted to Cardamine, wanted to use her as payment for their next shipment.

Leaving Liberty to an unknown destination, Valeria was held captive in one of their transports when suddenly it was attacked by the Corsairs who eventually rescued her from the Bounty Hunters Guild's grasp, after she could convince the Corsairs that she was not one of their enemies. They took her along to Planet Crete where she learned of a side of the hispanians that she had not yet come to know. That and her gratitude to her saviors (who turned out to be Benitez Corsairs), lead her to decide to take an active role in supporting the hispanian people and apply to join the ranks of those who saved her.

Present Day

Valeria served as a Capitan in the Benitez family. While she is only a moderate fighter pilot, she makes up for her lack in fighting prowess with excellent flying and diplomacy resorting to wit and wisdom rather than weaponry.

She could often be seen with Selena Benitez making supply runs to Trafalgar and back with her Correo Freighter Camilla but with the Benitez family dissolving in 819 A.S. and Trafalgar base vanishing Valeria focused more on her hobbies and other interests which also include studying foreign cultures, exploring, or acting as a guide for aspiring corsair pilots who freshly arrived in space.

When not actively flying, she could be found in command of the Penelope, the Benitez Research Ship, which she focused on full time after the Benitez family had dissolved.