Vierlande Prison

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Vierlande Prison
Abbey class Prison Station
Vierlande Prison.png
6D, Hamburg
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays no
Amenities none
Population 820

Vierlande Prison was built in Hamburg in 715 A.S.. For one hundred years, its extreme isolation and lack of appreciable sunlight made it one of the most dreaded destinations for Rheinland's terrorists and activists alike. Sentences to Vierlande were almost always for life, and those few who walked were forever changed.

On March 23rd, 826 AS, the walls of Vierlande Prison, once thought impenetrable, were finally breached. A revolutionary force spearheaded by the Coalition's carrier Alvin Katz led the assault using intelligence gathered by the Unioners. Upon the successful breach of Vierlande's defenses, however, the Coalition and Hessians brought their guns to bear on the Unioner Battleship Undine, one of the rare few Bayern class warships in the Unioner's position. Through sabotage and force of arms, the Bayern was sunk, Wedel Mining Facility destroyed, and the Unioners of Hamburg left broken.

The Unioners launched a search and rescue operation from Pacifica, and among the plethora of bodies and debris found no trace of the military nor their socialist rivals. Vierlande was abandoned and broken. Not only could the station serve as recompense for some of their losses, but its position near the Cologne jump corridor made it the perfect bulwark against their former allies in the Omegas and southern Rheinland.

The Unioners now work tirelessly to repair Vierlande, though it is expected to take some time before the station is once more operational. For now, Vierlande remains vulnerable, and it appears to be only by the good graces of Rheinland's military that they are allowed to continue their work in restoring the derelict facility.

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