The Core

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The Core
Alignment Corporation


House Authorities, Interspace Commerce, Bounty Hunters Guild


Corsairs, Red Hessians, The Technocracy, The Order, The Wild, Nomads

The Core is a private military company operating mainly within the Edge Worlds, relentlessly searching for alien artifacts and technology. The Core began its search with a bloody war involving The Order, Hessians, and Corsairs to gain passage to remote Nomad systems, becoming a dominant force in the Omicron and Omega sectors as a result. House militaries routinely offer contracts to the Core for 'external security', which in reality involves the acquisition of alien materiel on their behalf.

Ships used

Ship Class
Silvertip Light Fighter
Sawback Heavy Fighter
Requiem Very Heavy Fighter
Blacktip Bomber
AI Drone Very Heavy Fighter
Clydesdale Freighter
Repair Ship Repair Ship
Armored Transport Transport
Large Transport Transport
Train Transport
Large Train Train
Liberty Heavy Transport Heavy Transport
Core Gunship Gunboat
Core Gunboat Gunboat
Core Destroyer Cruiser
Core Battlecruiser Battlecruiser
Core Battleship Battleship

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Dagger Outpost The Core Omega-55 Omega Border Worlds
Durban Station The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Durban Drydock A The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Durban Drydock B The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Planet Gammu The Core Omicron Kappa Nomad Worlds
Capetown Station The Core Omicron Zeta Nomad Worlds
Battleship Mars The Core Omicron Kappa Nomad Worlds
Nauru The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Yaren Base The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds


Base Owner System Region
Hammersee Rheinland Federal Police Sigma-15 Sigma Border Worlds
Roppongi Wreck Interspace Commerce New Tokyo Kusari
Nobeoka Platform Bounty Hunters Guild Sigma-59 Sigma Border Worlds
Bonn Station Interspace Commerce New Berlin Rheinland
Yaren Base The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Freeport 11 Zoners Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York Liberty
Battleship Mars The Core Omicron Kappa Nomad Worlds
Planet Holstein Daumann Heavy Construction Frankfurt Rheinland
Capetown Station The Core Omicron Zeta Nomad Worlds
Freeport 5 Zoners Omega-41 Omega Edge Worlds
Freeport 8 Zoners Sigma-15 Sigma Border Worlds
Nauru The Core Omicron Delta Nomad Worlds
Planet Gran Canaria Zoners Omega-48 Omega Edge Worlds
Dagger Outpost The Core Omega-55 Omega Border Worlds
Waterloo Station Interspace Commerce New London Bretonia


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
Gallic Brigands
Unione Corse
Farmers Alliance
Independent Pirates
Golden Chrysanthemums
Sirius Coalition
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
The Maquis
The Order
Red Hessians
The Technocracy
Interspace Commerce
The Core


Durban Station
  • Battleship Mars is currently deployed in Kappa, keeping the Gammu perimeter secure. Most of the supplies they get have to reach us first through Theta, and then run back through Theta to Kappa to reach our boys there. We're getting double-hazard pay for those but somehow I doubt the management will keep that perk going for much longer.

Planet Gammu
  • Some of our supplies we buy off Zoners. They have an easier time traversing back to Delta and Freeport 11's biodomes. Obviously they know it and charge us extra, but with the treasure trove we're sitting on, we can afford it.

  • I'll be honest, I don't have the smallest inkling as to what most of the stuff we uncover does. Or did. That's way above my paygrade, I'm just here to move stuff from here to our cargo ships.

  • Something tells me we haven't seen the last of those toasters. They didn't even put up much of a fight when we rolled in and seized their assets. The ones we didn't catch fled to Delta or hid underground. We haven't gotten too far in when it comes to those caves though. What do robots need hallways and rooms for anyway?

Battleship Mars
  • The rest of the crew doesn't know, but after a few drinks, the quartermaster told me we're dangerously low on supplies. We haven't brought nearly enough with us during the operation because all the supplies we'd need would normally be freely sent from Nauru. Stationed in orbit of an ice planet and not a single drinkable drop of water.

  • This ship is the top of the line. We might be stuck here for the time being, but there is nothing that could take this baby head on and come out ahead. I'm not too worried.

  • It was a bit embarrassing coming back empty handed from the initial deployment into Kappa 4 years ago, but it'd be suicide to attempt it back then. Seems like the long game paid off, and I'm all here for it!

  • A swarm of non-combat drones escaped Gammu when we attacked. No idea where to, nor do we care much really. We came here for the planet, and that one ain't going anywhere!

  • I've got a contact on Freeport 9 which sells me the information about Corsair movements in the area. We use it to conduct precision strikes against them. We can't let the Corsairs take over Theta and cut us off completely.

  • The Gammu relics that are shipped in are quite fascinating, I can't wait what kind of things our scientists will be able to make with them.

  • Our iridium mining operations are proceeding as per usual, but we can't ship all of it in our the current situation. At least the price has spiked up so our profits aren't affected nearly as much.

  • There's news of alien ruins in Omicron Pi, but with connection with Rho lost, we need to run all our supplies and personnel through the Theta warzone. The Guildmaster refused to authorise expansion into the system in light of our supply lines being strained, as well as the fact that the connection to the system is unstable. That didn't stop some of our more adventurous contractors to make attempts, however. Not all of them came back, but those that did have earned themselves a fat paycheck.

Planet Holstein
  • The Core is a pioneer in exploiting Edge World resources. We have lucrative contracts to ship Iridium from the perilous deep Omicrons. Iridium has always been a valuable metal, harvested in trace amounts and at great expense. The rich deposits we control are revolutionizing armor alloy composites in the Houses… and making us incredibly wealthy. No other corporation has the firepower and skill to secure these goods.

  • Opening a corporate office on Holstein seemed like good business sense. Some of our best clients include Rheinland corporate and state actors. In reality however, this post has completely failed to live up to expectations - first the Saigon War and Civil War disrupted travel in the area, then the Omicron Rho project collapsed. The locals seem to be amused by this, and tell us Frankfurt is cursed. I’m beginning to believe them.

  • Iridium has been a massive boon to The Core, however it is not the only resource we import from the Edge Worlds. We have special agreements with several House intelligence agencies for the acquisition of other “interesting” goods. Rheinland in particular has been an excellent customer, with the MND being exceptionally accommodating… and financially generous, of course.

Yaren Base
  • I would have never believed that the High Command would throw all its cards in for a risky move such as this. On the good side, we have won Yaren station but on the bad side, the Order managed to nab Dabadoru out of our hands while our forces concentrated on the siege. If we would've failed to capture Yaren, the High Command would clear our heads for the henchmen. What makes me wonder is that there was no counter-attack as if the High Command deemed that station expendable. They will definitely not abandon Dabadoru forever, I can vouch for that. Now, I can only hope that my brother is amongst the survivors of the assault on Dabadoru. Time will tell, when the first rescue ships with escape pods show up here. If the Nomads leave us alone for once.

  • I'd love to just quit and leave this mess of a situation, but my contract is in effect for 3 more years, and leaving the system without a heavy escort isn't exactly the smart choice either. Got another high-risk supply run to Kappa tomorrow, wish me luck.

  • I've been running escort duty through Theta ever since the Rho connection collapsed. Let me tell you, having to fend off Corsairs was basically in the job description, but those savages in Theta are something else entirely. Most of the time we just delay them long enough for Outcasts to show up, and when the two become wholly occupied with one another, we just double it out of there.

  • The Order? Hah! They will doom us all if they don't stop at Dabadoru. How ironic - it is them who help the Nomads within these regions, one way or another. Maybe if they could stop working against humans and focus their assets onto the real threat, the Core would be a lot more successful than we already are! Then again, what do you expect of those Order scoundrels, who scream "Infected!" every time somebody does not agree with their views?

  • When all of our local strike wings received the order for a full scale attack on Yaren, I already pictured it would end horribly. No nearby supply depot except for the Freeport. We had to eliminate the Corsair defenders quickly, otherwise we would've risked running out of fuel in the midst of the battlefield and becoming sitting ducks. Of course, the situation isn't much better now. We do have a lot more luck than the Order, as our main supply comes through the nearby Omicron Rho system, yet thanks to these idiots and their assaults, the Nomads have a much easier job at hitting our convoys that carry vital supplies. By now, the logistic department of Yaren only calculate food and water rations expecting that only a third of the supplies actually arrive on the station. It isn't much, but we have to work with it.

  • After Toledo it cheers me to know that we've finally accomplished something as significant as this. You could say it's our first major victory after that horror. When the Core got me out of that Bretonian prison with guards as dense as the donuts they shove into themselves, I almost thought there'd still be no hope, luckily I was wrong. I heard the Guild Masters have some plans regarding the planet right next to us, but they haven't leaked much information in that regard. Hah, a planet entirely colonized and controlled by the Core. That's a thought, isn't it?

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