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Removed with System Maine in 4.89

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Evron Base
Porte class Station
Evron Base.jpg
CouncilLogo.png The Council
2B, Maine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 520

Evron has a peculiar history. It was built in Mayenne Asteroid Field in 442 A.G.S. by a pirate faction named the Connection. The group was mostly involved in smuggling illicit materials - Drugs and weapons, and the Normandy system was a prime supplier of these. The was set up near an intermittent Jump Hole into Normandy, so that smugglers could be sent through during the times when the hole was stable. Mayenne has no resources worth mining, and its reputation of having a strong pirate presence discouraged the Navy and Police from entering the field deeply, which allowed the Connection to operate virtually unchecked.

The First Gallic War ended the Connection as a group as smuggling to Normandy was no longer profitable. For a while, the station was all but abandoned, with barely any smugglers and no pirates that would risk their necks in a system with two massive militaries engaging eachother. It became a place where the occasional drifter disappeared to, along with people the Brigands and Corse wanted to disappear - permanently.

The station has "changed hands" many times since. Brigands, Corse, Maquis and Council make up the bulk of the population at present, each group having their own area and interests to protect. The Council currently has the biggest share in the station's population, although strikes against Navy targets in the system are rare. Rumors persist that the Council is secretly negotiating with the Normandy Seperatists at Evron.

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