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Armor upgrades are additional hull reinforcements that can be purchased and added to a ship at most stations, allowing players to trade some of their cargo space for a much stronger hull. Armor upgrades are divided into two main types; the basic "universal" upgrades that require very little cargo space and are often seen on fighters and transports, and the much heavier "heavy/capital ship" upgrades designed for heavy warships where cargo space is no concern. These upgrades are also very expensive; the most powerful of them are rarely seen outside of faction flagships, and are just as expensive.

Note that capital ship armor upgrades, while designed for use on heavy warships, can be mounted on any ship with an adequate cargo hold.

Armor Upgrades

Name Hull
Armor Upgrade 2.5 20 $5,250,000
Heavy Armor Upgrade Mk III 2.75 150 $17,000,000
Heavy Armor Upgrade Mk IV 3.0 170 $48,000,000
Capital Armor Upgrade Mk V 3.3 190 $88,000,000
Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VI 3.6 220 $192,000,000
Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VII 3.8 250 $425,000,000
Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VIII 4.0 300 $895,000,000

The information for armor values can be found in the select_equip.ini file, located in \Discovery Freelancer 4.87.0\DATA\EQUIPMENT\