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Cargo Pods

DSCore: Cargo Pods

Cargo pods are large, externally-mounted containers for carrying cargo. Their modular design allows them to be mounted and dismounted quickly, without having to unload the cargo in space. Some companies also convert the pods into highly-mobile, special-purpose facilities, such as self-contained machine shops, field hospitals, storage units, living quarters, and so forth.

Cargo pods also provide an important defensive function, in that they block weapons fire from making direct contact with the ship's hull. A ship with cargo pods can generally survive longer than a ship without them.

Most of the Civilian trains and transports use these pods, but most of the faction-specific cargo ships do not use them.

Cargo pods come in twenty-one different colors and shapes. They all have 4000 hit points, but do not all cost the same price, costing between 4,000 and 12,000