Atlantis Manufacturing

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Atlantis Manufacturing
Origin Hispania / Malta
Affiliation Nazione Maltese
Alignment lawful (in Outcast view)
Date of founding >820 A.S.
Founder(s) Industrial Oligarchs
Base of operations Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha
Primary ID Outcast ID
IFF Outcast
Tag(s) ALM
Primary role
Creating trading relationship with other fractions and supporting of the MN in a logistical way.
Secondary role
Building and developing of new ship-technology for Matla (military and civilian)


Atlantis Manufacturing is the biggest industial company in Nazione Maltese; holded by the government and Oligarchs. Atlantis is the economic heart of Malta by owning most shipyards, industial complexes and cardamine fields. Atlantis is also the main logistical actor of Malta compareable to Samura or Republican for their houses.


  • Building of civilian ships
  • Building of military ships
  • Developing of civilian ships (military ships are developed by CID)
  • Creation and entertainment for MN supply routes in all Sirius
  • Development of (non-)cardamine sectors of the economy
  • Trading with other houses (mostly Zoner & Junker)
  • Running the Outcast's own cardamine route
  • Importing of needed goods for Malta (f. e. slaves and food)
  • Transport of plunder
  • Plundering hostile traders (mostly by MN's support)
  • Overcoming the economical isolation of Malta
  • Logistical support for allies like the Mollies

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