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The Outcasts are a large criminal faction founded from the descendents of the Hispania. They focus on piracy and Cardamine smuggling. They are allied with the Golden Chrysanthemums, Lane Hackers and Liberty Rogues. Their enemies include the IMG, Order and Corsairs. The Outcasts generally do not attack Nomads. Some Outcasts are known to revere the Nomads.

Pilot carrying this unlawful ID is a member of the Outcasts, who:

  • - Can attack any ships within their Zone of Influence, except transports.
  • - Can demand cargo and credits from any ship within their Zone of Influence, and attack them if they do not comply.
  • - Cannot ally with any lawfuls except when allying with Bretonia or Rheinland lawfuls

Zone of Influence: Bretonia, Liberty, Kusari, Taus, Sigmas, Omicrons, Gallic Borderworlds, Magellan, Cortez, Coronado, Galileo, Kepler, Inverness

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats, Cruisers, Battleships