Caja Collister

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Caja Collister
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation The Order
Affiliation The Order
Rank Rear Admiral
Born 15th March 794 A.S., Planet Manhattan
Died Still alive

Caja Collister was born on Planet Manhattan as the daughter of Caden and Yumi Collister.

Since her childhood she dreamed to become an Liberty Navy captain like her Dad was.

Her Mum Yumi Collister was born in Kusari and worked for Samura. So Caja rarely saw her.



Caja was born on Planet Manhattan

Caja joined the West Point Military Academy

Caja finished the military Academy as one of the best in her vintage

Caja performed her service as Second Lieutenant on the LNS-Equinox

Caja was promoted and moved to Battleship Missouri

Caja was promoted to a Captain and received command of the Prison Liner "Maddox"

Caja got first contacts to the Order and became a Order doubleagent

Caja was unmasked by the LSF and ran to Omicron Minor during a prisoner transport to Alaska with help of the 30th Assault Squadron and Rear Admiral Julian Orley.

Caja became a Member of the Order secondary Fleet

Caja became a Member of the 30th Assault Squadron (the "Maddox" was used as HQ since this moment)

Caja became a Member of the Order Primary Fleet and got a quick promition (Lieutenant)

promoted to: Commander

promoted to: Captain

promoted to: Major

The High Command offered her to Lead the [I.N.E.S.]-project. Caja accepted.

promoted to: Colonel

promoted to: Major

promoted to: Rear Admiral