Cold Bay Depot

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Cold Bay Depot
Unalaska class Station
Cold Bay Depot.png
Planetform3.jpg Planetform, Inc.
5C, Hudson
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 230

Cold Bay is a small Planetform base built near Planet Atka in 816 A.S., being the first hidden step in preparations for Atka terraforming ordered by the Liberty government. Rheinland discovered this base in 817 A.S. and demanded its immediate decommissioning, since populating Atka would mean that Liberty is going to claim the whole Hudson system as a part of its own territory.

Liberty however did not decommission Atka, which gave rise to tensions that would eventually escalate into a major war between the two houses. As the Rheinland and Liberty military forces came to blows, Planetform evacuated the station, citing it would not risk sending it's employees into what had become a warzone. The Liberty Police occupied the station with a skeleton crew to prevent looting by the various Pirates that called Hudson home.

However, as the war turned favorable for Liberty in the Hudson system, it has petitioned Planetform to resume the terraforming efforts. Battleship Alma has been stationed near the planet to secure the operation from further Rheinland agression, and preparations are underway by Planetform to initiate stage one terraforming on Atka.

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