Emlin Gertrude

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Emlin Gertrude.jpg
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Gender Female
Affiliation Rheinland Military
Rank Captain in the Buro der Marineintelligenz
Status Active
Born November 17th, 793 A.S., Planet Stuttgart.
Died Still alive.


Emlin.Gertrude is born on Planet Stuttgart in the year 793 A.S.. Her Father Franz.Gertrude was in the Rheinland Federal Police, and he was an a inspector. Her Mother Gretchen.Gertrude work'd in the Kruger mining company and she was posted in Omega-7 to dig Silver ore. Thanks to the parents job's the Family was rich and aristocratic. Emlin began Junior school in the year 800 A.S she finish it , in the year 812A.S were she got her middle education. In the year 813 her father Retied from the Rheinland Federal PoliceEmlin was happy that her father is finally at home, and not going to face danger again witch is true,her father never entered a cockpit from that moment. Time pass'd and Emlin wanted to enter the Rheinland Military academy. She got accepted in the year 814 with the training profile of "Advanced flight" With its Secondary profile "Basic Flight" She also studied another profile " Secret Operations and National Security" She finish the Military Academy with full scores In the year 817 A.S. . After She Graduated she was in Reserve Wing Until 3 mouth's after being in the reserve wing of the Rheinland Military One day the Buro der Marineintelligenz offered her a Job she accepted.

Buro der Marineintelligenz service

Three Mouth's After her Graduation she was offered to join the ranks of the Buro der Marineintelligenz the Rheinland Intelligence Services. She was part of the Rheinland scout missions in to Liberty it included systems like New York,Texas,California,Colorado. Were her unit managed to reveal that Liberty is doing secret experiments with nomad's. She along side her unit have great deal of data on Liberty. When her unit return to the Munster Research Station. She was debriefed and lock'd for some time in case they were under Nomad Control. After three week's the Liberty Invasion began and her unit was first to Counter the Libretonian forces in the Bremen system and stoping them in their track's. She was a little injured that day but that got her a desk job the the Munster Research Station reviling reports from agents. And Evaluating Possible new recruits from the Rheinland Military. So she had 1 year flying in a fighter for the Buro der Marineintelligenz and several mouth's behind a Desk she decided to transfer back to the Rheinland Military in the Secondary Fleet forces

Rheinland Military

After she Transfered from the Buro der Marineintelligenz ,She participated in Several event's against Liberty NavyForces and Defense of own Borders her Carrier in the Secondary fleet is successful and she has Reach'd the Rank of Lieutenant. She had a Romantic affair with a Secondary Rheinland Military Major , that almost end'ed in Weeding . But the Major Ended the relationship between the couple Because he had another affair. She Also Finish the Bomber training for Experts from the Rheinland Military. She Also had Command of the Rheinland Gunboat RNC-Freya witch is Currently under the command of Barent.Adalbert. Emlin Has received the fallowing decorations. The Cross of the Marinenachrichtendienst- Decoration given to Former Marineintelligenz service agents. Rheinlander's Eagle- For Entering Enemy territory and surviving- Also given to members of the Buro der Marineintelligenz.


Confident in her action's , She can obey order if they are reasonable, communicative, Live's for the Moment, Never thinks for the past only here and now, she defense her own opinion. if she say's something and she knows she is right, she will defend it to the better end.

Current Status

She has returned working for the Buro der Marineintelligenz as a fighter pilot