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Erika keller photo.png

Erika Keller
Hauptkommissar Keller, 822 A.S.
Also known as Nina Koch


Agent Keller

Agent "Wespe" (Amongst the wild)

Possessed by K'tesh
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Occupation Intelligence officer
Gender Female
Height 175 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Affiliation Wild Logo.png Das Wilde
RFP/BDM 798-800 / since 800 A.S.
Rank Kommissaroberrat.png Kommissaroberrat
Status True nightmare
Born 17th April, 774 A.S. Planet Holstein
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Wild Logo.png Erika Keller - Infested BDM Intelligence Officer

"Amongst all corrupt agents within the agency i'm probably the most loyal one."

~ Erika Keller

Erika Keller is, or rather was, an highly regarded agent of the BDM. As former police officer, she joined the agency during the nomad war and fought against the alien threat in Rheinland. Keller is one of few founding members of the BDM Kommissariat, with crucial knowledge about latest agency internal security concepts and alien countermeasures - An important sector the Wild has begun to infiltrate.

Keller is serving as host of an alien parasite, possessed by one of the most dangerous Nomad spirits - K'tesh. As a part of the Nomad collective, she represents the spearhead of the Wild's invisible infiltration forces within Rheinland, that is currently operating amongst the masses, whose numbers are slowly growing. With Keller the Nomads created a "trojan horse", with access to Rheinland's secret service. Their goal: The complete infiltration of the Rheinland government and its authorities.


Erika Keller, was born on Planet Holstein as Nina Koch, daughter of Karl-Heinz Koch and Bettina Koch. Nina became separated from her biological parents and grew up at a family in a rough environment at a terraforming platform on Planet Holstein. Both of her adoptive parents were Daumann employees, worked and lived at the platform. Life on Holstein was difficult and Nina slowly began to develop a hatred towards her adoptive parents, till the day when she attempts to commit suicide on Holstein. With luck she survived the tragic incident, but will never recover from her injuries, mentally as well as physically. A deep scar on her left shoulder and limitation of agility of her left arm is the consequence.

However, her injuries did not stop her from studying at the police academy in the year 795 A.S. Nina learned to suppress pain, caused by her injured shoulder, and even passed the police combat tests. With the successful graduation of her training at the academy, she finally became assigned to a police department in New Berlin, where Nina served as police officer for about two years, without the knowledge that her superiors aren't human anymore, at least to begin with. The nomads during this time, were capable to infiltrate the police unhindered, department for department, since nobody was aware of the threat and suitable security measures did not exist during this time. After Nina's colleague began to observe her, on unfriendly wise, she began to investigate. Soon she attracted the attention of the Büro der Marineintelligenz with her investigations. With the start of the Nomad War in 800 A.S., Nina makes use of her contacts at the BDM and disappeares from one day to another. Meanwhile, the police declared her as public enemy.

The BDM gave Nina a new life with new identity, and even offered her a job at the agency. From this moment on, she was no longer known as Nina Koch and accepted a name suggested by the Büro... "Erika Keller". The BDM falsified necessary documents, in order to let it look like as if Nina Koch died by an accident, but the false documents did not stop the nomads to continue the search.

Since the Büro knew about the nomad threat inside Rheinland, they began to form an entire new department, tasked with the elimination of the infiltrators. Erika became a valuable member of this division, learned to observe people and identify Infectees, as well as to fight them effectively. With the shattering of the Nomad mindshare, Büro squadrons used the chance to defeat the remaining Nomad forces in Rheinland with a final assault.

At the end of the Nomad War, Erika decides to settle down on Planet New Berlin and begins to teach at a MND academy, in the subjects: Sports, laws, and military tactics, for about 17 years. Two years later, in the year 819 A.S. she makes the first acquaintance with her brother, Volker Koch, who just became the head of the BDM agency and offered Erika a well-paid job at her former department within the agency. She agrees and accepts the offer a while later; a decision that changes her life entirely and later turns out to be a terrible mistake without escape.

Erika receives access to an "Oder-" class vessel, known as the U-177. In 820 A.S. her division made an crucial contribution and breakthroughs in several nomad related research projects, until one day: When the U-177 and its crew went into a trap and became exposed to the Nomads.

The failure of Büro equipment has led to what she is today. Her brother feels responsible for Erika's fate and makes every attempt to conceal her infection, to not threaten her life. He believes to have found a solution to free his sister from the claws of the Nomads without to kill her. In the meantime, Erika moves through Rheinland unhindered and uses the security gaps within the BDM, in order to obtain access to key figures. Only time can tell, when this will lead to another Nomad War.


  • Erika became infested by Paul Richter, aboard the U-177, during an operation in Omega-9.
  • Erika fulfills her usual tasks at the BDM to maintain her cover. She is currently in command of the U-177, an U-Korp vessel stationed in Omega-9, executing a space-survey operation since 820 A.S.
  • Her incubus has healed Erika's injured shoulder entirely and "improved" her physiology also. She is less vulnerable towards stress and injuries.
  • Since she is rarely being controlled by her incubus entirely and Erika obeys the Nomads voluntarily, so is she still able to act humane without to show any symptoms of nomad influence. Therefore she still leaves the impression of being human.
  • K'tesh is giving Erika access to stimulating emotions, as some kind of reward for obedience, what could be the reason for her perfect self-control and the high level of voluntary cooperation towards her parasite.
  • Her incubus is difficult to detect through conventional scanning technology. Blood tests reveal her dark secret, however.
  • By using her charm and authority, Erika travels through Rheinland unhindered, bypasses security controls without much effort and gives her parasite the chance to spread the infection within higher ranks.
  • Nomads are being worshipped by Erika. She is a willing servant of the Nomads and feels honored of carrying the gift.


Rh gunship.png
Infiltrated Oder Gunship
Rh elite.png
Personal Wraith

Personal Relations

Individuals Relationship
Nomad Spirit
Paul Richter
Collective member; Passed the seed
Maren von Westefeld
Collective member; Close friend
Wolfram Kruppstahl **
Collective member; Friend
Stefan Hofmann
Collective member
Koch Family.png Karl-Heinz Koch
Father; Collective member
Lazirus Hawkins **
Collective member
Roman Alexson
Collective member
Gunther Beckenbauer **
Collective member
Koch Family.png Volker Koch *
Damian Lewis
Collective member
Geoff Enfield
Associate; Trusted informant
Thallia Thorn *
Laura Carsten *
Alexander Krupp
Individuals Relationship
Everyone Else
Erik Nodviet *
Untrusted individual
Joshua Hunt *
Untrusted individual
Saphire Raven *
Untrusted individual
Jonathan Kalh
Untrusted individual; Ex-Order
Erich Klugmann
Wanted by the BDM
Michal Golanski
Wanted by the BDM

* Possible candidate under Erika's watch

** Individual has received the gift by Erika


Nina Koch as police cadet, 798 A.S.
Keller as BDM Inspektor, 801 A.S.
Erika fighting the remaining infected forces, 801 A.S.
Erika Keller at the MND academie, 819 A.S.
Keller infiltrates a Rheinland Military vessel, while her incubus is tormenting the captain with an illusion, 823 A.S.


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