Graves Station

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Graves Station
Wellington class Station
Graves Station.jpg
BMM Logo.png Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
6F, Dublin
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 900

Originally built in 744 A.S., Graves Station is known as the single most lucrative mining operation in Bretonian space. Despite being within the bloodiest battleground Bretonia has ever engaged in combat in, Graves Station mines a substantial amount of gold from the nearby Graves Asteroid Field, the richest source of Gold yet found in Sirius.

Despite being such a successful operation, Graves is more famous for it's history. Originally owned by Graves Mining Inc., the station was the site of the infamous Founder's Day Revolution, or, more commonly known as the birth date of the Molly Revolutionary organisation, when miners aboard the station rebelled against Lord Edmund Graves, the head of Graves Mining Inc., for the dismal wages and horrible conditions he forced his workers to endure.

After the revolt the government temporarily took control of the station to restore order, although these days it is again run by BMM and Lord Edmund's daughter, Selena Graves, is the current station commandant. She has spent a considerable amount of time and money to right the wrongs of her father and the miners are generally paid a generous wage for the dangers inherent in their work, though a contingent of BPA Constables are permanently stationed on board to dissuade any future misconduct.

Missions Offered

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