Kaiserslautern Depot

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Kaiserslautern Depot
Oberstein class Asteroid Base
Kaiserslautern Depot.jpg
BundschuhLogo.png Bundschuh
6C/6D, New Berlin
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 250

Kaiserslautern Depot was a key LWB base in New Berlin, crucial to all Rheinland revolutionaries operating in the system. It started out as a mining operation in the Saarfeld, and was reused as an ore storage facility after Kruger miners finished carving out the metals from its insides. Abandoned shortly before the Popular Revolution, it was later used by the Red Hessians as a temporary base during their raids into New Berlin. Several years later the aging depot would become a problem to maintain for the Hessians, as they continued transferring as many resources and personnel as possible to their war against the Corsairs in Omega-5. Instead of abandoning the depot completely however, it was decided that control would be transferred over to the emerging Landwirtrechtbewegung instead. The Red Hessians still maintained a number of members on the station, along with the pilots from the Bundschuh, Unioners, and Junkers who stopped by on business.

As Kaiserslautern grew as a hub for the revolutionary elements in Rheinland, it also began to be used in a new endeavor: the repatriation of liberated Slaves. Many slaves were brought, primarily from Liberty, and set free on Kaiserslautern. The logistics of this operation were mainly conducted by the Bundschuh. While many of the formerly enslaved attempted to return to their previous lives, a good portion end up joining the Hessians in their war in the Omega border worlds. A smaller amount joined the LWB, under the promise of becoming independent farmers if Planet Stuttgart was ever freed from Synth Foods control.

In late 824 AS the LWB as a whole began to fracture and disintegrate. Cells dissatisfied with the progress of the movement began to fight amongst themselves for control, resulting in the utter destruction of Darmstadt Depot and the Landwirtrechtbewegung. As news of the movement’s annihilation spread the remaining stations reached out to factions closely aligned to their respective outlooks.

The crew aboard Kaiserslautern found a sense of purpose in their humanitarian efforts and formally pledged allegiance to a group they had long held in high regard, the Bundschuh. Even as the leadership and overall objectives change, Kaiserslautern continues their efforts to aid those pressed into slavery.

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