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Ship Class Cruiser
Built by The Wild
Captain Karl-Gerwald Schultz
Manufacturer Oder Shipyard
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Launched 816 A.S.
Main task Unknown
Status Unknown, presumed destroyed
Zone of Operation Unknown
Technical information
Guns/Turrets N/A / 11
Cruise Disruptor




Hull strength 1 280 000 (x4.0)
Shield strength 275 000
Cargo space unknown
Nanobots/Batteries 1400/1400
Max. impulse speed 70 m/s
Max. thrust speed 130 m/s
Power output 2,250,000 u
Power recharge 120000
This is a player owned ship.


The Albtraum was built in 816 A.S., specially designed to guard Rheinland's restricted areas, such as the Westerwald and Sektor-7, and rarely the main minefield area of Thuringia. It was occasionally sent on recon missions as well, gathering info for Rheinland's intelligence services. One day, somewhere in 825 A.S., a unknown ship passed the RNC-Albtraum by, it's captain ordering to pursuit it. When they reached Thuringia it was spotted heading for a nebula that was situated somewhere in between the center and the south-west part of the system. Recklessly, Karl, the captain, ordered to maintain pursuit. Shortly after entering the nebula the chased ship vanished, and moments after, a EMP torpedo struck the Donau's old engines, disabling it almost completely. A distress call was sent, but it was intercepted by infested forces. The crew were glad they will be rescued as they were told by the presumed saviors, but little did they know what a dark fate was ahead of them. When the rescue team came on board and reveal themselves as pilots of The Wild, a fierce battle begun aboard the aging Albtraum, both sides suffering heavy losses and casualties. The captain locked himself in one of the cruiser's armories, but he was found eventually by the remaining Wild forces, and was infected shortly after. The cruiser was took to Valhalla Shipyard, where it was repaired so it can continue it's fight for the Nomads. Official reports say that the Albtraum's navigational systems defected within the nebula, leading to confusion and later on destroyed by unknown forces. To this day, it's still uncertain what happened with it. Some say they saw it, some say they've seen it's wreck, but they're all just rumors, nothing concrete.

Area of operations

It is unknown for sure where this ship is operating the most, but there were reports from civilians and other sources that it was spotted several times wandering around Rheinland, and there are even reports from the GMG that it was spotted among the Sigma cluster, GMG accusing Rheinland of direct intentions of deep espionage in a effort to aid the Rheinic war effort, despite the MND pulling out of the war with Kusari, and Rheinwehr ships wouldn't be sent on such missions. There are rumors it was part of the Schiller's fleet, fighting for the Nomads during the Nomad War in the Taus, but that is considered very unlikely as the cruiser was officially declared to be built in the year 815 A.S.

Official and un-official reports about the RNC-Albtraum

:::Official reports:::

--Under Nomad control

--Witnessed as it destroyed Core vessels, thus at first damaging the relations between the MND and Core

--Repeated attacks on Freeport 11

--Been witnessed several times accompanied by smaller Nomad ships, or even bigger warforms.

:::Unofficial reports:::

--Fought within the Nomad War for the Schiller battlegroup in the Taus.

--Seen in Bretonia and Liberty

--Often seen alone, wandering as if confused