Mainz Storage Facility

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Mainz Storage Facility
Abbey class Station
Mainz Storage Facility.png
RepublicanLogoInvert.png Republican Shipping
4D, Frankfurt
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 420

The Mainz facility was originally built by the Imperial government at the start of the Eighty Year War as a defensive installation and supply base for the Rheinland fleet operating in the Sigma system. It served many roles at that time; a small fighter maintenance facility, a fuel storage depot, and a heavily armed fortress designed to repel GMG raiders with sheer firepower. The facility was attacked several times, but endured the war with relatively little damage. The same could not be said for the fleet it was serving, nor the government that had built it.

With the coming of the Popular Revolution in 672 A.S., much of the Mainz garrison was withdrawn to New Berlin to help contain the population, and the station fell into disrepair. The turning point in its history came when the reformed Rheinland government decided to change it into a waystation for foreign shipping, to encourage commerce. The Mainz station was set out for auction in early 694 A.S., and [[Republican Shipping], Rheinland's leading transport company, held the winning bid. The last military personnel were evacuated from the station a year later.

The newly renovated Mainz Storage Facility was officially opened for business in 702 A.S. Its H-Fuel tanks, left over from the war with the GMG, were refurbished as a valuable asset, and the station became the drop-off point for Kusari traders bringing fuel, which was then carried by Republican Freighters to the stations and ships needing it. Nowadays, the Mainz Storage Facility is one of the biggest shipping ports in Rheinland, handling a sizeable chunk of the goods flowing between Rheinland and Kusari.

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