Minato Harbor

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Minato Harbor
Kalimantan class Station
Minato Harbor.png
CR Logo.png Crayter Republic
F5, Tau-44
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 270

Minato Harbour was built by the Crayter Republic as a logistics hub to facilitate a future colonization of Planet Borneo. Years ago, it served as the primary port for shuttles to the surface, housed government institutions, and sheltered a large part of the Crayter population.

The station was occupied by the Gallic Royal Navy in the wake of the conquest of Tau-44. During this time, Gallic research teams used the station to investigate the planet, but decided against colonization due to the ongoing military campaign and poor economic value compared to Harris and Leeds. The defection of the Oblique battlegroup in late 822, followed by a military campaign by the Council and Crayter, resulted in a steady loss of control over the system for the GRN. By early 824 A.S., Gallia decided that a tactical withdraw would be the optimal way out of the now strategically unimportant Tau-44.

The joint forces were initially unaware of that maneuver, fighting desparately to beat the GRN occupation forces and recapture Minato Harbor. Subsequently, the space station suffered major structural damage in the fighting. At the moment, only a skeleton crew and combat engineers are working on the station to assess the damage, decide whether it can be repaired, and at what cost. The lengthy supply lines to Coronado, combined with the necessity to avoid GRN controlled space, may force the Republic to rely heavily on local allies.

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