Planet Harris

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Planet Harris
Planet Harris.jpg

Owner Efl-flag.png EFL Oil & Machinery
Location 4B/4C, Tau-31
Border Worlds
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Transitional (Desert)
Diameter 23,118 km
Mass 8.76 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -35°C to 48°C
Escape velocity 16.78 km/sec

Previously a barren world, Harris was the object of one of the first large-scale terraforming efforts by Planetform, Incorporated. Initiated in 450 A.S., the project was made easier by the abundance of pure Water and Oxygen ice in the system, while Terraforming Gases were easily transported by Bowex from the Stokes Mining Station in nearby Leeds. While the Harris Terraforming Project is almost complete, and the planet is able to support human life (albeit not comfortably), the Kusari and Gallic invasions into Tau-31 have made any kind of colonisation impossible.

During their early push into Bretonia, Gallic forces appeared to have opted to bypass the planet in order to concentrate the bulk of their strength on the core worlds of Bretonia. This had left the Planetform engineers and Bretonian defenders on the Planet cut off, but relatively safe. That state of affairs did not last long, however. Once the frontlines in Bretonia stabilised, the Gallic Royal Navy dispatched the Dax battlegroup to breach Harris' defences and secure its orbit. The battlegroup then proceeded to mercilessly crush what little resistance was left on the surface and the planet fell into Gallia's hands in mid 823 A.S..

The Gallic Crown soon transfered Harris facilities to EFL, ordering the company to attempt to restart the terraforming process. Although unsuccesful at first, mostly due to differences in Sirian and Gallic terraforming methods, EFL's research teams managed to employ Planetform's equipment for their own benefit and terraforming has resumed. This, in turn, caused a sudden but not unexpected outburst of hostilities from the Gaians, effectively putting an end to the informal neutrality between the Crown and the movement.

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