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Planet Toledo
Planet toledo.jpg
Location 4D, Omicron Minor
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Magma
Diameter 15,302 km
Mass 6.62 x 1024 kg
Temperature -23°C to 40°C
Escape velocity 13.78 km/sec

Planet Toledo, once the home of the Order, was discovered and settled by Order forces in 800 A.S., while they were scouting in the edge worlds for a suitable location to establish a forward base in the Edge Worlds. A barely-hospitable ice world, the Order engineers focused much of their effort on establishing a sizeable main base and several mining operations scattered around the planet. Eventually, living quarters and production facilities were installed, and the Order started using Toledo as their main base of operations, as well as for construction of their fighters. The population grew steadily, as the Order carefully recruited through their Zoner and Liberty government contacts, ensuring a constant stream of engineers, scientists and pilots to keep the Order functioning effectively.

Near the end of the Nomad War, Toledo was heavily bombarded by Nomad capital ships, damaging or destroying many of the Order settlements and bases on the planet. Following the war, with the planet Toledo no longer being a closely guarded secret, the Order embarked on a huge expansion project to encourage many more settlers, pilots and other technical staff to live there, as well as starting a terraforming project aimed at eventually making the whole planet bearable to live on.

In 818 AS, the Nomads launched a full scale invasion while The Order were under attack by Guild Core forces. Their objective was, it seems, the destruction of The Order. Against all odds, they fought the invaders with bravery. During the Battle, Nomad bombardments overwhelmed the Isis and destroyed ground-based attack batteries. The strikes were directed at fault lines along the planet's surface. The bombardment destroyed the thin crust at those lines, letting the latent magma flow through multiple fissures in the crust. The process was repeated all along the planet, and became mostly covered by lava flows. It would appear the Order had neither enough time nor the resources to stage an evacuation. So it is believed that most of the population died in the underground bunkers - either due to the bombardments, or the lava flows that followed. It is estimated that close to one million people perished.

Basic Information

Planet Toledo is located in Omicron Minor, once one of the two systems controlled by The Order. It was once the home of the Order and the main base from which operations occur.

Planet Toledo used to be small frozen planet. All water on the surface of the planet was frozen. To obtain fresh water the Order has set up multiple drilling operations. The entire surface was covered in snow and ice and is home to very few lifeforms. Toledo does, however, have large plateaus that are high above what would be sea level. These lifted surfaces contain canyons in which various Order outposts have been built. These outposts offer protection and safety. However, with the nomad bombardment along fault lines,the landscape changed dramatically. It destroyed most of the landscape and released great lava flows across the surface.

Settled Outposts and Landmarks

Cape Hope Station Exterior, before destruction

When the Order first discovered Toledo there were no human facilities in existence. As soon as they decided to settle there they began construction on one large outpost. This base then became to be known as Cape Hope. Cape Hope is at the end of Admiralty Canyon and is the only base accessible once entering the planet via the docking ring or mooring fixture. Unfortunately, all human installations are now inaccessible or otherwise destroyed by the cataclysmic destruction of the planet.

These bases were constructed in key locations across the Planet. The Order had limited resources and used the environment to their advantage, constructing outposts inside the mountains of Toledo. Some locations on the planet have been noted. Note that location data may not be up-to-date after the bombardment of the planet.

Major Landmarks

  • Admiralty Canyon
  • North Pole
  • South Pole
  • Frio Plateau
  • Calt Plateau