Stokes Mining Station

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Stokes Mining Station
Wellington class Station
Stokes Mining Station.jpg
GMS Logo.png Gallic Metal Service
4F, Leeds
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 800

The Stokes Smelter was run in continuous operation by Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) until 817 A.S. It was the largest orbital facility in all of Bretonia and has operated for centuries, manufacturing Basic Alloy, Hull Panels and refining various types of Ore. The Station was seized by Kusari forces in 817 A.S. during their invasion of Leeds, and again in 819 AS when the Gallic invasion followed in the wake of the Kusari forces. Both times the station suffered significant damage, but large sections remained operational. Late 818 A.S., as it became evident that Gallia would eventually breach Leeds, Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing began moving its most critical facilities on Stokes to Southampton.

After securing the immediate area around the station, the Gallic Metal Service was tasked to get the station operational. Thus far, only some of the refineries have been restored, and the GMS has tentatively begun extracting resources from the nearby asteroid field.

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