Tholey Station

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Tholey Station
Coral class Station
Tholey Station.jpg
BhgLogo.png Bounty Hunters Guild
5C, Cologne
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 560

Tholey Station was established as a joint operation between Daumann, the Bounty Hunters Guild (BHG) and the Rheinland authorities. The BHG had been commissioned by Rheinland to help bring order to the rampant, lawless frontier of Cologne whilst Federal forces were occupied in Dresden and elsewhere.

As a means of cutting costs, the Guild was given primary administration over the station so long as the Rheinland Federal Police were granted security postings within. Additionally, Daumann heavily lobbied for shares in both Tholey's interior and Saarbrucken's nascent Terraforming project, which some critics believe to be a competitive move against the ALG and Kruger dominated Wuppertal. ALG has not remained idle and in recent months has pushed back against the manufacturing giant for shares in the Saarbrucken undertaking.

Tholey grew quickly due to the vast number of job offerings aboard, and the Government was quick to invite Planetform to open offices there. Manufacturers from both Daumann and AP Manufacturing quickly followed suit. When Planetform began shifting equipment from Sprague to Saarbrucken, business increased accordingly, and at present Tholey is the primary port of call for contracted Bounty Hunters patrolling southern Rheinland and the Omegas.

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Sea Serpent
Light Fighter
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Heavy Fighter