Zenaida Tantalo

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Zenaida Tantalo
"Rendered" made in a specific way
Origin Porto Novo, Omega-50,

Edge Worlds

Occupation Ex-Vigilante
Gender Female
Affiliation Freelancer
Vigilante 3 years
Born 17 Oct. 798 A.S. Porto Novo

Bastiaan Tantalo

Married to Alice and father of three, (Elias, Zenaida, Ceasar) he is the leader of the Tantalo Vigilantes. A close family that he pushed to its limits to be lethal killers. He would teach his children his ways of justification. And rather than children that got to go to school and play with friends, these were kept at home, raised by himself and Alice and taught everything at home and in space when they were flying. He would let nothing come in between him and his family.
He gave the Tantalo's a ego of being more important than anyone. Those who dared to stand against them would be swept aside as he would let no one stop him and his family to seek for ultimate 'peace'. Of course a few people wouldn't get them there and he knew this very well. The way he taught his children this was by telling them that even the tiny bits would help. So even if you would only catch a few 'bad guys', it would still make the world, Sirius a better place.

Alice Tantalo

The wife of Bastiaan was a lot less aggressive in her approach to their children but she did follow the strict rules and traditions that Bastiaan was so eager to follow. Even when their marriage seemed cold at times they did both love each other very much. Her role was more of a listener within the family and help out with problems of her children and husband.

Elias Tantalo

As the older brother of Zenaida he was the one that got out to fly as a true Tantalo vigilante, mainly operating in Bretonia against the Mollys and Corsairs. Hunting them down on his own and 'teaching' them on how they should behave. Neglecting anything the real authority had to say about them in the area. The way he operated caused him to be unfriendly to the House as well, but he didn't care. And that behaviour was only praised by his dad.

Ceasar Tantalo

The younger brother of Zenaida was still in his course of learning. Being taught by his parents while Zenaida and Elias were out there on their own, shooting 'bad guys'. He was eager himself to join them and was making good progress. Hoping to earn his own Sabre soon. But sadly for him it had never got there as the family broke up before he got the change.

Zenaida Tantalo

Just like her brothers she was born and raised on Porto Novo, which was considered their home. Her father would've preferred a boy over a girl, but she was eager to learn and managed to make her father proud of her. She was raised more strict though, her father not wanting to lose her by whatever Sirius had to offer. She was raised in such way that she was kept reserved and never had been with a man up to the point she was twenty-one. The years before she never had thoughts of being with one either, her interests being somewhere else.
The only thing she was focused on was what she was told to do by her father, that being to make Sirius a better place. And so she did, when she was eighteen when she left home and was send out with her Sabre into Sirius. Being given a apartment in on Bethlehem Station where she would start to operate from. Often her brother came over and they both flew out to bring down 'bad guys'. Something she enjoyed doing with her brother, always having someone to trust while flying made her more comfortable, however she didn't mind flying on her own either. Something being alone made it easier to surprise your enemies.

Mason Ralusch

When she was operating in Liberty when she ran into Mason Ralusch, a Navy officer that challenged her and tested her. They got into duels together but never finished it to the end. She claimed it was just playing and was caught of guard when she found out Mason actually did it because he loved her. For her it all felt wrong and as soon as Elias found out she was hanging our with some Navy guy he told her to stop it and got upset, knowing their father wouldn't appreciate it in any way if he found out what Zenaida was doing. Even if it was still rather harmless on what she did together with Mason.
Soon one thing lead to another and Elias confronted Mason which resulted in Mason having shot down Elias who hadn't been able to get out. Zenaida's brother killed by Mason even though it was self-defense in a way. Zenaida was shocked by it when Mason told her what happened. Unable to make a fist towards Mason she decided to run instead. Not long after her father caught onto what had happened and set out to find Mason, neither did this go very well for the Tantalo family. Bastiaan found Mason and managed to shoot him down, but Mason had managed to escape the wreckage and let Bastiaan into a trap. Having another Navy pilot take down Bastiaan's ship which had him killed.
Zenaida blamed herself for having acted irresponsible and let things get to what they were now. Ceasar played a role in keeping her away from home. Having told her she wasn't welcome any more due to the loss of Bastiaan and Elias. Having said her mother didn't want to see her any more, so for her own sake she should stay away from home. Not knowing where to go or what to do, she stayed with Mason on planet Denver. It was a strange experience for her, not to fly and try to vent whatever she had in her by walking outside through the forests.
Everything slowly went better for her until the point arrived where a ex of Mason showed up. Which had Zenaida fall back in a emotional hole, not wanting to be in the way of anyone anymore. She ended up running and went to planet Hamburg without having much possessions besides her ship and some clothes. She ended up with a care-taking family, who offered her a job in their ship garage as a mechanic. Here she worked but the past chased her and caused rage attacks, up to the point where they couldn't deal with her any more and told her to leave.
Having been at Hamburg for half a year she returned back to Liberty, her misfortune she blamed on Mason and she decided to take it back on him. She called Ceasar and told him she was going to fix everything, after some more harassing of her brother she finally got her Sabre back that he had been using in her absence. Ceasar however kept everything hidden from their mother, telling her lies as he wanted to protect what he had left, just her. When she had her ship back she changed her identity to 'Lumen' and set course for planet Denver with the idea of shooting Mason, thinking he deserved to lose his life for ruining her family. But once she had the gun at his chest she couldn't get the trigger down. Something in her mind blocking her, she again ran away.

Tavish Degroot

When she was on her own again as her now called Sabre 'Lumen' she ended up fighting for her own, ending up in pirate like business to keep her own life supported. As she thought no one cared for her she didn't care about her own life either and pushed herself beyond many points of return. Eventually ending up in the Taus with the Lost Stars Viglantes. After fighting them she was taken in, being 'arrested' in a way. It hadn't been the first time with them, their leader at the time was Sol Fenrir who she had fought with several times.
Once she was hurt after being ejected and recovering in the Viglantes their Headquarters she met Tavish Degroot. A quiet guy who didn't approach her, but observed her from a distance. Eventually when Zenaida was recovered she left again, but some of the Star members figured she needed help. Mara Armin was willing to go after Zenaida to help her out, Tavish was curious and offered to go with her has a bodyguard. Once they arrived in the Omicrons Zenaida claimed she was fine and rejected any form of help.
Tavish made the step forward and on Freeport 9 they got to know each other better. Zenaida for the first time in ages managing to smile again and actually have fun. All seemed to be going better and she did like Tavish in return. For a brief while she content with her life again as she had someone to share it with, but in her own reserved way.

Jordan Callagher


The 'Vigilante' Sabre

The Sabre was a gift from her father. She was eighteen at the time and was allowed to head out on her own for the first time. The Sabre had been in the family for years now, and it was a true honour for her to be allowed to fly it. Before this vessel she had always trained in the Scimitar light fighter, assisting her father and brothers in combat and their vigilante work.
However when her family was broken and she wanted to run away from everything she had been through she had decided to sell this vessel, it having been left behind on Freeport 6 after which she bought a Eagle and used that under the name 'Rendered'. Seeing she was Rendered to use the vessel.
• 2x CP-l "Debilitator" Civilian Improved Mk II Pulse Cannon
• 1x CP-r "Debilitator Mk.II" Civilian Advanced Pulse Turret
Support Systems:
CD98a "Mosquito" Cruise Disruptor
MX-17 Nuclear Mine Dropper
CM-4 Enhanced Countermeasure Dropper
External Equipment:
Enhanced Thruster
SG-e2 "Advanced Champion" Heavy Fighter Graviton Shield
Internal Equipment:
Universal Armor Upgrade Mk VIII
Advanced Cargo Scanner