Alexander Sarand

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Alexander M. Sarand
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Mining & Shipping Contractor
Affiliation Bretonia Mining and Fabrication
Born 776 A.S., Planet Cambridge
Died Still alive

Alexander Martyn Sarand (4th June 776 AS - Present) is a Bretonian civilian and contractor currently working with Bretonia Mining and Fabrication. His primary operations are within the Manchester system abroad the space station Fortitudine.


  • Name: Alexander Martyn Sarand
    • Common Aliases: None
  • Age: 44
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance:
    • Complexion: Caucasian
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Height: 1.85m (6'1")
    • Weight: 82kg (180lbs)
  • Occupation: Mining & shipping contractor, Bretonia Mining and Fabrication.
  • Previous Employment:
  • Known Relatives:
    • Wife: Joanna K. Sarand (778 AS - Present, age 42), a chef working in the tourism trade in Great Ouse, Planet Cambridge.
    • Daughter: Elenia A. Sarand (799 AS - Present, age 21), a beautiful young woman and Alex's pride and joy, Elenia has only recently departed home. Raised as a spoilt only-child, she is close with her parents - especially her father - but nevertheless is drifting towards an unsavoury lifestyle (without her parents' knowledge) shy of the law due to a potent mixture of a bad attitude and worse company.
    • Father: Arthur R. Sarand (746 AS - Present, age 74), a retired professor of natural sciences at River Cam University, Great Ouse, Cambridge.
    • Mother: Anne N. Sarand (779 AS - Present, age 71), née Bolton, a former accountant for Isle of Ely Financial.
    • Brother: Paul Sarand (773 AS - Present, age 47), a ground-based officer in the Bretonian Police Authority situated on Planet Cambridge. Alex's elder brother, Paul lives happily with his wife, Helen, and their three children near to Arthur and Anne in Huntingdon, Cambridge. Paul was hit hard at the death of his younger brother Richard to the criminal element within Bretonia, and vowed to serve as a BPA officer to prevent similar situations in the future.
    • Sister: Charlotte J. Frances (780 AS - Present, age 40), an established author and housewife on Planet Cambridge. Known by friends and family as Charlie, she and her husband John relocated from their home on Planet New London at the beginning of the Tau conflict with Kusari. She has one child.
    • Brother: Henry Sarand (782 AS - Present, age 38), a construction worker currently based on Planet Curacao, Cortez. Often at odds with elder brother Paul, "Harry" - as he's known - struggled through a period of addiction and petty crime in his youth and served two years of prison time. Since his rehabilitation, he secured a career in manual labor and has seized opportunities to work abroad.
    • Brother: Richard A. Sarand (785 AS - 801 AS). The youngest of the family, Richard was tragically killed at a Green Front rally turned sour on Planet Cambridge at age 16. Caught between a rising conflict between Bretonian police and a sect of Gaian extremists, Richard was one of twenty-three civilian casualties in the incidental protest at Hamilton Subway 4. Postmortem investigation confirmed shrapnel and blast wounds as the cause of death following the detonation of the subway terminal.


Alex is an experienced and dedicated worker who puts faith in the colleagues and crew to achieve a hard-earned salary at the end of each day. He is usually even tempered and careful in his approach to volatile situations, but prioritizes the well being of his shipmates before all else; as their captain and helmsman, he takes his responsibility seriously. Generally he is not a humorous man, and his days off are preferably spent relaxing at home with his wife.

While he previously supported the Green Front movement, the Hamilton Subway 4 incident which claimed his brothers' life swayed him onto the path of a corporate employee and established within him a firm opposition to the movement. He does not enjoy recalling such years, and holds environmental sympathizers with a level of disdain for their naïvety. He has since convinced himself that the industrial methods leading to the environmental damage present within the Leeds system today have been thoroughly rectified and that the business is no longer as harmful; mineral exploitation and refinement has, in his eyes, not been damaging in hundreds of years ever since the impact was first noticed.


Youth: 776-798 AS - Ages 0-22

Born as second son to Arthur and Anne Sarand on Planet Cambridge in 776 AS, Alex had a comfortable and respectful upbringing. His parents' careers provided enough of an income for the family to live happily within their means in the middle class district of Huntingdon, a city sprawling away from the river Cam. He held a strong familial bond with his parents and his elder brother of three years, Paul. The years soon brought a younger sister, Charlie, and two younger brothers, Harry and Richard, with whom he also got along well with. He attended St. George primary school and Cromwell's Arms secondary school and achieved average grades. In 794 AS he made a successful application to River Cam University, a very well respected institution, and enrolled the following year studying a degree in organic chemistry.

Adult Life: 798 AS - Present - Ages 22-44

Graduating with first-class honors at age 22, Alex seized the opportunity to pursue postgraduate study at River Cam University, slowly becoming an esteemed research associate of the institute. During this time he achieved a masters' qualification in his field of study and began receiving funding from a number of Bretonian firms, including but not limited to BMM. As a fellow of the college he traveled to and undertook further research positions at the Cambridge Research Institute over the following years.

Through his colleagues and associates there, he began to sympathize and support the Green Front movement that was gaining strength throughout Bretonia. Soon, however, it began to conflict with his career options. Already an established and exceptional organic chemist, he and his research were in high demand in Bretonia's expanding industrial sector, with BMM, the IMG and a number of smaller organisations offering support and long-term employment. Torn with the stark choice between the wanting yet admirable life of an environmentalist and the secure future of a corporate worker, the decision was made for him with the Hamilton Subway 4 incident in Huntingdon, Planet Cambridge.

Attending a Green Front rally with his youngest brother Richard in 801 AS, the pair were separated when the peaceful protest quickly escalated into a near riot by the instigation of a group of Gaian environmental extremists. Securing their position against the inevitable Bretonian Police response, the group gathered supporters around an occupied plaza and began an armed occupation of the central subway terminal, threatening its destruction if their demands were not met. The panicked crowd quickly became trapped between the two sides in the standoff that followed, until combined ground and aerial police pressure forced the surrender of the aggressors. Presumably as their last resort before capture, the terminal erupted in a blast which engulfed the area before the nearby crowd, killing many outright and showering dozens more with lethal debris. Richard was killed immediately, his body cleared from the rubble the following morning showing extensive mortal wounds and burns. Alex has never fully forgiven himself for supporting the movement which took his life, and turning his back on it, accepted a career in a promising company dedicated to mineral extraction and refinement.

Now an employee of Cambridge Logistics & Mineral Concern, Alex's wealth of knowledge allowed him to progress quickly in developing refinement processes for raw materials, particularly volatile hydrocarbons. During this time he was struck by a period of crippling debt as his educational loans and expensive living got the best of him, however with assistance from his newlywed wife, Joanna, he managed to return to stability. Shortly after, in 813 AS, the company closed its doors after failed investments and bailing contractors who predicted the deteriorating political situation in the Tau sector. This left Alex , still recovering financially, in a difficult position.

Seeking a high income, he earned his pilots' licence at a BMM-sponsored flight school and began a life as an independent freight pilot, often contracted to BMM and other local corporations. Although earning a considerable living, he always feared volatile encounters which could set him back to square one without a moments' notice. Eventually, at age 44, he had paid off his remaining debts and acquired enough capital to outfit a larger vessel, and he applied the Bretonian Mining and Fabrication as a mining contractor. The company accepted and assigned him a Hegemon class transport and tasked him with hydrocarbon extraction in the Manchester system. With extensive experience in refinement methods already, he hired himself a crew and spent most of his initial salary retrofitting the lower bowels of the vessel to increase quality and productivity, and has since been plying his trade happily.


The 'Barrier Jewel', Alex's Hegemon class mining vessel.

The 'Barrier Jewel', Hegemon class mining vessel:

Registering as a contractor with Bretonian Mining and Fabrication, also known as BMF, Alex was assigned his own vessel with which to scour Manchesters' ore fields. He quickly renovated the core of the ship to install better processing and refining machinery, and ambitiously dubbed the vessel the Barrier Jewel. With a crew of twenty-three like-minded individuals, the Jewel can often be seen at work in the Birmingham Ice Field.

'Elenia's Grace', Alex's Shire class container transport.

'Elenia's Grace', Shire class Bretonian container transport:

In short time after his work began with BMF, Alex found the need for a vessel capable of large scale haulage. The Grace, named for his daughter, provides the required capacity for both ore and goods transport, and supply of BMF construction sites. The Shire class transport can often be seen riding the trade lanes between Bretonia and Liberty and anywhere around Bretonian space.