Planet Curacao

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Planet Curacao
Planet Curacao.jpg

Owner OscLogo.png Orbital Spa and Cruise
Location 3D, Cortez
Independent Systems
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 19,443 km
Mass 6.98 x 10e25 kg
Temperature -56°C to 53°C
Escape velocity 13.27 km/sec

Unfettered by colony law, Curacao is run by Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines as a pleasure Planet where every whim and decadent urge is fulfilled. Many goods that are illegal in the neighbouring houses (such as Alien Artifacts, drugs like Synthetic Marijuana and even Cardamine) are available on Curacao - for a price.

The planet is largely tropical. There are no large landmasses, but several beautiful archipelagos exist with some native palm-like forests growing on the larger islands. The waters of Curacao were unsuitable for any Earth fish species, or even algae, and the planet was initially ignored as one being unable to support human life. The Boorman Treaty forbade either Liberty or Bretonia from laying claim to the planet, so any expensive Terraforming operations were out of the question.

It wasn't until 375 A.S. that Curacao became a place of renown. The Planet was used as a midpoint for the trade lanes leading through Cortez. Realising the inherent advantage of a lawless tropical world, an upstart Liberty luxury cruises company called Orbital Spa and Cruise made a gamble and established a resort planetside. It was an instant success. Free of any taxations on gambling, royalties on trade and regulations on conduct, the company could cater to every whim of those select few who could afford their services. The company was the first private entity to be able to afford a Valhalla Research (which later became Ageira) Docking Ring in 432 A.S., without needing to take out a loan from Interspace.

Before Gallia's push into Cortez, Curacao was a very exclusive resort planet, with less than 100.000 guests, 300.000 employees and in rare cases their families. When Battlegroup Carcassonne was sighted in Cortez the first time in 825 A.S., Orbital Spa and Cruise both initiated an evacuation protocol and established a crisis management team which remained planet-side to the point of no return. With the Gallic battlegroup blockading the docking ring and the trade lanes of Cortez, almost nothing can enter or leave the planet. The people trapped on Curacao have prepared themselves for the worst case for a long time and maintain what is left in the resorts, including the city shields and point-defense-arrays, the latter frequently in use to eliminate the debris falling from the sky.

It is only thanks to Orbital's unique diplomatically standing that the planet itself is not targeted by Gallia, as the few landmasses could be easily marked for planetary bombardement. Until the war in Cortez is over, the state of the art Casinos, gigantic ocean Liners, racetracks and Tourist villages remain abandoned.

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Super Heavy Fighter
Luxury Yacht