Alois Dermen

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Alois Dermem
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Alois Dermen, 819 A.S
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Leutnant Officer Of Rheinland Military RM
Gender Male
Height 5'12
Weight 180 pounds
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Rheinland Military
Rheinland Military 819 A.S
Rank Leutnant
Status Active (819 A.S)
Born July 1st, 785 A.S,Essen Station
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Alois Dermen was born on Essen Station 785 A.S. His mother an accountant worked for Kruger Industries, while his Father a shipyard technician worked for Daumann Heavy Construction. Alois has two other brothers in his family, Adolf Dermen, and Alexi Dermen, Alois is the middle child of the family. During his childhood Alois lived an average Rheinlander life with a good social standing. He attended schools all the way up to the local university in Planet New Berlin. As a young fiery adult Alois wanted to explore space, he was lucky enough to get his wish. His father had managed to get young Alois a job as a security servicemen for Daumann Heavy Construction along with some old childhood freinds of his. Together with oldschool friends Alois journeyed across all of Rheinland seeing new territories he'd had never seen before. He became good at his job fending off hostile intruders that would harm conveys. His status increased in the company and he was given more important assignments. But a terrible incident happened on one of his most important assignments for Daumann. Alois was tasked for protecting unknown valuable cargo, and during this time House Liberty was at war with Rheinland. A Liberty raid group ambushed the Daumann convey and all was destroyed, incredibility Alois was able to survive the onslaught, but his fellow childhood friends were not so lucky. Faced with failure and embarrassment the company made an example of Alois and fired him. Depressed at the loss of his friends and getting fired and being disgraced by his father, Alois was confused and disoriented. But in the growing weeks after the attack he began to fester a hatred for all of House Liberty. Soon Alois was inspired by the Kanzler promise to destroy House Liberty, and he eagerly flocked to the Rheinland Military to serve his Fatherland and enact vengeance.

Military Career

Early on in his life in the military, Alois fit in perfectly. He soon begin to prove himself as an able bodied soldier that can get any job done without question. Alois begin slowly but surely climbing the ranks of the Rheinland Military. Battle after battle he continued to make a name for himself and made new friends among his fellow wingmen. It wasn't long after that Alois reached the rank of Feldwebel and began his task of commanding. During his position as a Feldwebel Alois' career an officer position propelled his self-esteem but not without consequence. Alois was excellent in his field of work but the more victories he achieved the more he became arrogant, and harsh upon others (but never to his superiors). Alois began turning into a iron-fisted and fanatical tactician, leading the vanguard against House Liberity. As time pasted the young officer became more and more fiercely loyal to the Kanzler of Rheinland and his ranking superior officers, he took orders without question even when moral concepts would be doubtful. Because of this, and his zealous passion Alois was selected to perform special missions for the Military, where others would not. Though fanatical and nationalistic as he maybe Alois proved himself a strong and reliable member of the military. His loyalty is one subject that is never questioned by others. As a Mid command officer Alois showed nothing but utter tactical ruthlessness added on by cold determination and complete loyalty to the Kanzler. He is known as a complete authoritarian officer who is known to be both ruthless and overzealous in his passion for serving his country. He inspires his soldiers wherever he goes, and either does he show any mercy to his enemies. Alois himself was rewarded with medals for outstanding performance in the military. And he has become an inspiring figure amongst the Military.

Personal Military portrait of Alois taken in honor of his promotion as Leutnant.


Alois continues to fight in the Rheinland Military as a high rankning officer.


Iron Cross (2nd class)

Leadership Ribbon (Bronze)

Military Service Ribbon (Bronze)

Anti-Capital Ribbon (Silver)


It is rumored that his still continues to harbor an unparallel amount of hatred for House Liberty and would do everything in his power to see Liberty burn. In addition there have been skeptical reports of unknown attacks against Liberty civilians in the Hudson, Bering, and even Texas systems. But these reports have been deemed void due to lack of evidence of the purposed attacker.

Another whispered rumor in Rheinland is that possibility Alois is serving the Kanzler leader as a secret police force member that enforces the will of the Kanzler from the shadows, possibility known to have higher jurisdiction then the Military or Federal Police. But such facts are unknown because no one has ever seen of heard of this unknown task force, and many consider it as another form of wild gossip.

There have also been rumors that there have crimes of torture and abuse against Rheinland civilians considered potential threats against the Kanzler. Mainly these targeted peoples where pervious Bundschuh party memebers.


Faction Relationship
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Buro der Marineintelligenz
Rheinland Corporations
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari Corporations
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Corporations
The Order
Gallic Royal Navy
Faction Relationship
Kusari Unlawfuls
Red Hessian Army
Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft
At War
At War
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
At War
Liberty Corporations
At War
Liberty Security Force
At War
Liberty Navy
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