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Bassam Hussaini
Origin Planet Samarra, Babylon Sector
Occupation Infiltrator
Gender Male
Affiliation Samarran Raiders, The Commune
Rank Reaver
Status In Captivity
Born February 21, 790 A.S.
SamarranRaiders.png Background - On Samarra

Born as a slave on Planet Samarra in the early 790 A.S, Bassam spent his entire life as either an indentured servant or in forced labor on oil rigs and construction sites. His life only took a turn for the "better" when he was taken away from his work camp and conscripted into the Temple Zealot order of Samarra. He was taken to their temple deep inside the inhospitable wastes, and "gifted" with a "seed" of their "Gods". While their true motives for selecting this particular individual remained unknown, he was unleashed to freely roam the wastes of Samarra, covertly deal with the people and seize more power for the Temple. Along the way he met two raiders, Jared Nomak and Adrian Thrax, who were deemed useful and worthy vessels to aid him in his quest. Eventually, he became one of them, spreading fear and death alongside them, as they pillaged and stole from the wealthy merchants all over the deserts.

Having to extinguish a rebellion comprised from disloyal elements of the priesthood, who assumed secret control over one of the Samarran tribes, and rebelled against the Gods, Bassam manipulated his Raider "brethren" into joining in the defense of the Black Gold Fortress, Samarra's only spaceport. Intoxicated with promises of glory and riches, the Raiders, led by the trio of Nomak, Thrax and Hussaini flocked to the defense of the Fortress and joined with its forces, ultimately tipping the scales and leading them to victory in the bloody battles that followed.

After the apparent victory over the Akkadian Clan, and their rebel priesthood, the Fortress was left without authority to run it. To prevent further bloodshed and infighting, the now famous trio seized control of the fortress, with many willing to follow the lead of the heroes that saved them. Jared Nomak arose as the Grand Overlord and Lord Protector of the fortress and the surrounding settlements, with Hussaini and Thrax as his Reavers, loyal advisors and the embodyment of his army's fury. Bassam was able to access the resources of the fortress, and operate without limitations. He quickly established a loyal following in the fortress, where many of the people flocked to the comfort of the Anunnaki's divinity. The only immediate threat to him was Thrax, and his defiant nature towards the "Gods" was an instability he could not afford.

However, unbeknownst to the trio and everyone else, the rebel priesthood was not eradicated, but only went into hiding, and just a few years after their defeat, they rose again, many thousands strong, with the nomadic tribes from the wastes conscripted to aid them. The pain of death echoed through the mindshare, as every infested figure in high places fell one after another, along with their holdings. Filled with rage, Bassam mustered a guerilla force to fight the advance, but was ultimately unable to stop the flames of revolution that engulfed the planet. Only a year later, a massive army amassed at the gates of the Fortress, and the populace panicked, many surrendering or escaping into the wastes. The trio and their loyal following however, boarded the best ships in the Fortress' spaceport, and launched into space, leaving the last stand of the "Gods" to the rebel forces, seeking to escape to Sirius to have a fighting chance later on.

But what they found there, was even more appealing...

SamarranRaiders.png Personality Traits

Bassam's personality has evolved substantially over his journey, from a lowly, good natured and submissive slave, to calculating, vindictive, manipulative and authoritative figure. The evolution of his personality took a sharp turn when he was seemingly released from his slavery, only to have his body hijacked by the temple zealots who implanted a nomad incubi through surgery, effectively making him a prisoner in his own body.

Even though he resisted and fought the control of the incubi, he eventually gave up and gave into the constant suggestions of the Nomad mindshare, gaining a substantial amount of authority over his body and actions, however, his mind suffered from the whole ordeal. Over time, his own mind merged with that of the incubi to such a level, that an observer cannot tell where one mind ends, and the other begins. Through this symbiotic relationship, his personality evolved towards a sociopathic bend, the evolutionary pressure being an all-pervasive atmosphere of lawlessness and deceit that ruled Samarra, and the reinforcing element - much of the same in the Sirius Sector.

The end result of this personal evolution is a creature of paradoxes, emotionally unstable and unempathetic. Capable of forming meaningful relationship only in rare cases and unable to completely relate to either humanity or the nomads. He views most of humanity as lesser beings, and hates them for their shortcomings, though at the same time he believes some of it is worth saving and uplifting - the transhumanist strivings of the Samarran Raiders and later - the Commune being a direct result of these beliefs.

His greatest strengths are his silver tongue, his patience and the ability to examine situations thoroughly, to calculate his every move - carefully working towards his goals. His weakness is his overinflated ego that in combination with his emotional instability tends to bypass his qualities and create a recipe for disaster.

Personal Relations/Views

Faction Relationship
Slomon K'hara
Samarran Raiders
Everyone else
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Independent Miners Guild
BHG Core
Colonial Republic
The Order
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Jared Nomak
Jaden Wexler
Michal Golanski