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This is an NPC faction. For the Player faction for this NPC faction, see: The Core (Player Faction). For ID rules concerning this faction, see here: The Core ID

The Core
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Origin Edge Worlds
Alignment Lawful (Evil) Paramilitary
Date of founding 790 A.S A.S.
Founder(s) Evelyn Sharp
Base of operations Durban Station, Omicron Rho
Primary role
Obtaining and developing powerful and advanced alien technology, for both our own use and selling it to make a profit.
Secondary role
Securing the Edge Worlds to build an Empire.

The Core is a rich and powerful paramilitary faction operating in the Edge Worlds and the executive power of the Imperium Omicronis.


Self-proclaimed the 'Protectors of Humanity', The Core is a paramilitary organization operating primarily within the Edge Worlds. They are relentless in their exploration of uncharted space in search of alien artifacts and technology. The Core initiated a bloody war with The Order, Hessians, Corsairs and many other rogue elements in the Edge Worlds to gain passage to remote Nomad systems, becoming a dominant force in the Omicron and Omega sectors.

Ultimately, the dream is for The Core to create a Totalitarian Empire within the Edge Worlds of Sirius where they will rule.

The Core have a callous disregard for life if it conflicts with their agenda. Outside the gaze of the houses, they are quick to disregard human rights and are cruel in the undertaking of their modus operandi. They pose as the defenders of humanity, when secretly it could be argued that they are the destroyers of it. Deep within Omicron Rho AP Manufacturing, The Core's Corporate subsidy, conducts all sorts of unethical and immoral research and the Core are fierce in not only obtaining viable research materials for them (alive or otherwise), but making sure no one finds out. Only the higher ups of the Core truly know of the extent of the inhumane evils that occur inside the darkest reaches of Omicron Rho.

Historic Timeline

Year (A.S.) Event
  • Evelyn Sharp is appointed the new Head Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild.
  • As part of a joint venture with AP Manufacturing, Dabadoru Station is built in Omicron Delta - hidden in the Palau Cloud - as a BHG outpost in the Edge Worlds. This was to curb the use of Freeports to base off of, as the BHG's presence on them began to anger neighbouring factions such as the Corsairs, and risked fallout with the Zoners.
  • The Nomad War begins.
    • Via their trail of infection, the Nomads use the power and resources of Liberty and Rheinland to create a proxy-paramilitary called the Bounty Hunters Guild Core to fight The Order in the Omicrons. They are based out of Alaska.
    • CEO of AP Manufacturing is infected by the Nomads as insurance.
    • Evelyn Sharp agrees to willingly assist the Nomads in exchange for knowledge about Daam K'Vosh technology - namely learning how to harness psionic powers (much like Blix and Jonner).
  • Noxus Wren becomes Guildmaster of the BHG Core under Sharp, to help micro-manage the overall faction. To the public, the BHG Core is a special unit of the BHG tasked with pursuing dangerous bounties in the Edge Worlds still. Through the BHG, the Core attempts to hunt Edison Trent throughout Sirius.
  • Close to Rheinland, the Omicron Rho system is discovered via Sigma-15.
  • Infested Rheinland helps construct Durban Station in Omicron Rho. Jump holes are discovered leading to other Omicron and Omega systems.
  • At the command of the Nomads, the Liberty Navy constructs and releases several heavy-ordinance protoype craft for the BHG Core to use, known as the Thresher destroyers.
  • AP Manufacturing releases upgraded and highly experimental prototype versions of the AP-Line for the BHG Core to use; the Manta, Sea Serpent, Hammerhead, Orca and Bottlenose prototypes.
  • The Order launches a suprise attack on Alaska to save President Jacobi. The BHG Core initiative fails to prevent the attack.
  • Exalted Guildmaster Sharp executes Guildmaster Wren for his incompetence. She re-structures the BHG Core, and places herself as it's direct head. It's members are encouraged to follow her command with steadfast, zealous will and militaristic devotion.
  • The Nomads are destroyed by an Order-led attack on the Dyson Sphere. All infected humans are reverted to their previous non-infected state.
  • An uninfected Liberty and an uninfected Rheinland meet with Guildmaster Sharp to discuss the future of the BHG Core.
    • Rheinland relinqushes all involvement out of digust for their actions in the Nomad War.
    • Liberty and Sharp secretly scheme to keep the BHG Core running.
  • The Bounty Hunters Guild Core is re-created as a Liberty Black-Ops PMC focused on obtaining alien artifacts and materials for Liberty's benefit, as well as conducting research into controversial alien technologies.
  • The Manta, Sea Serpent, Hammerhead, Orca and Bottlenose are finalised and released for the rest of the Guild to use.
  • Over the next several years the BHG Core would rise to be a moderate, but potent, Private Military Company operating in the Edge Worlds.
  • The mindshare is re-established.
    • During a speech, Guildmaster Sharp breaks into a unexpected siezure and dies. A post-mortem reveals she died from a major brain trauma, that caused neural damage leading to total brain death.
  • A new Exalted Guildmaster is appointed to oversee the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Bounty Hunters Guild Core.
  • The first Core battleship, the AP-609 "Mako", is produced.
  • Alabama Shipyard is constructed via funds from Liberty. The BHG Core can now produce it's own capital ships in the Omicrons.
  • Using Alabama Shipyard, the first Core Battlecruiser, the AP-520 "Bullhead", is constructed to help combat Corsair capital fleets. Later on advanced versions are made.
  • The BHG Core constructs Capetown Station in Omicron Zeta/Minor to serve as a refuelling point before venturing deeper into the Nomad Worlds.
  • The BHG Core sucessfully develops Cloaking Devices similiar to those found on the Osiris via studying and researching their finds in the Nomad Worlds. The designs are given to Liberty, whom immediately begin to produce their own.
  • The Battlecruiser Apollo is abducted by the Nomads. It's crew is infected, and it is then sent back to the BHG Core as a 'trojan horse'. After a shootout, the infected crew of the Apollo is subdued and terminated. Whilst the loss of the crew was tragic, the leftover data on the Apollo from it's journey proved instrumental in helping the BHG Core to chart and understand more about the Nomad Worlds, namely Omicron Iota.
  • Assuming control of the Guild as a whole and going by the title of 'Director', Athenian Graves takes control.
  • Rheinland uncovers and publishes proof about Liberty-led Nomad experiments, narrowly avoiding implication the Bounty Hunters Guild and Core along with Liberty.
  • The backlash from the exposee causes political strain for Liberty. Liberty informs the BHG Core that funding and support will have to greatly slow, and it could be terminated in future if the crisis was not solved.
  • The BHG Core urgently needs to find a new source of income. Discovering Iridium within the Tokelau Ice Cloud, the BHG Core establishes mining operations there. The BHG Core begins to profit greatly from the rare resource. However the Corsairs had begun to enroach on the same resource, who had begun tapping into the Iridium rich crust of Planet Nauru.
  • Instead of attacking them outright, the BHG Core instead creates a cease fire with the Corsairs.
  • Maxamillion DeVirgo replaces Graves.
  • A small scale skirmish between The Order and the BHG Core, the Battle of Omicron Lost, occurs.
  • With Liberty slowly decreasing their amount of control over the BHG Core, a newly elected Guildmaster known as Luther Varrus rises up. Reading into the archives and being influenced by Sharp, he re-shapes the BHG Core back into the zealous, cult-like and heavily militaristic organization it used to be.
  • Varrus, a ruthless and merciless leader, breaks the Corsair ceasefire and begins the BHG Core invasion of Planet Nauru. He orders the invading Marines to slaughter every Corsair settler - regardless of whether they are a man, woman or child.
  • The Corsairs begin to notice the rising power of the BHG Core throughout the Edge Worlds. After contacting their allies, the Corsairs scheme with The Order as part of the Corsair-Order alliance to shut down the BHG Core for good. Supply convoys are targetted constantly, in an attempted to starve the Core.
  • New recruits are forcefully drafted into the BHG Core from the House Hunters and are thrown at the Corsairs and Order relentlessly. The BHG Core, seeing Corsairs as 'sub-humans', covertly attack Corsair civilian personnel. Both the Corsairs and the Order become digusted and horrified at the extremes the BHG Core would go to in order to survive, and unable to match the Core's brutuality, eventually stop the embargo.
  • The BHG Core re-establishes relations with Rheinland. They create supply lines away from their enemies reach via the Sigma-15 system.
  • Liberty halts all of it's funding to the BHG Core and prepares to go to war with Rheinland over the Nomad research claims. The BHG Core becomes free of direct House control and is independent. It reforms itself as a Paramilitary. Regardless, the BHG Core would continue to be a supplier of controversial materials and artifacts to Liberty for years to come.
  • The upper echelons of the BHG Core hypothesise that if they wipe out The Order promptly, it will leave room for them to flourish in the Edge Worlds and conquer them with ease. This idea would create the foundation for Omicronis.
  • Still cautious of the Houses, the BHG Core uses the House Hunters to spy on their allies. If it ever came to it, the BHG Core felt they should be prepared to wage war on the rest of Sirius.
  • The Battle of Minor occurs. The BHG Core almost destroys the Order in a ruthless and relentless strike, but is thwarted when the Nomads launch a surprise attack, decimating both human factions in the battle. Although unlike the Order the BHG Core did not lose their systems, they decide to alter its modus operandi to act more defensively and build up their own assets and controlled territories. Using their monopoly on Iridium and the sale of Nomadic materials, artifacts and weapons, they begin the journey to recover their losses.
  • Guildmaster Stoat rises to the challenge in trying to build the BHG Core back up again. He focuses the BHG Core's efforts on colonising Nauru whilst the Order is busy with rebuilding. This is done with relative ease, as the Corsairs have slowly begun abandoning Yaren, and the Order cannot challenge the BHG Core's operations in their current state.
  • Near the end of the year Aleister Corke replaces Stoat as Guildmaster of the BHG Core, amid rumours of infection.
  • Lucia Nielsen becomes the Guildmaster of the BHG Core.
  • Erik Nodtviet joins the BHG Core and rises to Guildkeeper within months.
  • Internal strife, conspiracy (the rumoured murder of ex-Guildmaster Corke conducted by Lucia Nielsen) and disappearance of key members begins to weaken the BHG Council. The BHG and the BHG Core both lack a Guildmaster. The fate of the Bounty Hunters Guild as a whole is uncertain.
  • Erik Nodtviet takes the position of Guildmaster of the BHG Core and head of the BHG Council. Unchallenged, he begins to make major organizational changes to the faction as a whole. He cuts the BHG away from the Core. He forcefully absorbs AP Manufacturing into the Core and places himself as the CEO. Nodtviet makes use of the profit gained from ship building via APM to fuel the Core agenda. A new Guildmaster for the BHG is selected and the only link the factions would share from this point on is a shipline. The Core is born.
  • Nodtviet makes a heavy emphasis on the ‘Protectors of Humanity’ message and pushes it at the front of The Core's political campaign. Propaganda is created as well as a set of laws that would be established within The Core's territories for the Edge Worlds populace to follow.
  • The Battle of Nauru occurs. The Core wipes out Corsair presence in Omicron Delta and comes out of the fight temporarily unchallenged in their rule of Delta. They gain complete control over Iridium and are unchallenged in its extraction and sale.
  • Omicronis is founded.
  • The Order captures Dabadoru base whilst The Core fleet is nestled at Nauru. Although suffering little losses overall, the Order capturing Dabadoru halts The Core's plan for Delta dominance. Fortunately, the Order sets up its new refuge in the thick of Core territory, allowing The Core to stage many raids with relative ease against their new neighbours.
  • The Freeport 11 crisis break out. The Zoners of the Omicrons constantly breaking The Core's martial law pushed them to the extreme, and they launched a critical strike on the Freeport in Delta. Many factions rise to the Zoner's aid against Core, however, they are unable to push The Core back and much of the Freeport is destroyed.
  • Guildmaster Empress Loyola eventually signs an accord with the Zoners, dividing up Delta's resources with the Zoner locals and ensuring The Core maintains a majority. The Order and the Corsairs are not pleased, and attack the Freeport in anger.
  • The Nauru docking ring is constructed and finished.


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