Battleship Matsuda

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Battleship Matsuda
Meiji class Battleship
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2F, Kyushu
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The Battleship Himeji, commanded by Chujo Michio Raikatugi, was originally stationed outside Heaven's Gate - an ancient Imperial fortress in the Tohoku system that Governor Tekagi had subverted for his own purposes. The Himeji served alongside a guard fleet led by the Battleships Ishioka, Musashi and Sennan. In 800 AS at the peak of theNomad War, the Blood Dragons led an attack on the fortress resulting in the Nomad-infested Tekagi's death.

The Matsuda was one of the casualties of this battle. A Blood Dragon Bomber wing struck the ship while others distracted its escort fleet. Two torpedoes struck the bridge, killing the entire bridge crew instantly. A third torpedo struck the engine, exploiting a critical design flaw in the Meiji class, and the subsequent explosion crippled the ship. Its crew was forced to abandon ship and seek refuge on Heaven's Gate.

The abandoned ship drifted into an asteroid field, and was assumed destroyed by both the Kusari and Nomad forces it had been a part of. Eventually, Golden Chrysanthemum (GC) smugglers encountered the reasonably intact wreck by chance in 810 AS After a more thorough inspection, the GC decided it was worth the expense of salvaging the ship, and with the assistance of their Blood Dragon allies, managed to repair the engines to the point that it could safely jump.

The ship was brought into Okinawa where it was partially restored over the course of five years, until it could make the journey to Sigma-19 to receive more extensive repairs from the Chrysanthemums Hispanian allies. Upon its restoration, The Sisterhood re-christened the ship "Battleship Matsuda", in honour of Yuyu Matsuda, founder of the Golden Chrysanthemum movement.

With its sublight engines fully repaired in mid-825 AS, the Matsuda was able to move back into Kusari, positioning itself in the Seiran Cloud to strike at convoys along the trade artery between New Tokyo and Planet Kyushu. While the Matsuda's engines are fully operational, her weapons systems and sensor suite are highly outdated, making a direct confrontation with a modern day Toitsu class or even a well maintained Meiji a serious concern. For this reason, patrols are frequently dispatched to ensure the Matsuda has ample time to flee if ever discovered.

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