Battleship Norfolk

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Battleship Norfolk
Dunkirk class Battleship
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Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia Armed Forces
5F, Cambridge
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

Until recently, the Battleship Norfolk anchored the Cambridge Line of electronic surveillance satellites to suppress the chronic pirate and smuggling activity in the system. Food transports, Pharmaceutical shipments, and the local Trade Lanes are enticing targets for pirates who strike across the Line before retreating to the safety of the Barrier ice clouds.

With the development of the Gallic War and the urgent need for a shipyard to maintain Bretonia's war machine following the fall of Southampton in New London, the Bretonian Armed Forces Admiralty is using its assets to move on Omega-3 and capture Aland Shipyard from the Independent Miners Guild, who have refused a proposal to lease the shipyard under a secret deal and declared their intent to resist any attempts to seize Aland.

After several attempts at diplomacy by the Bretonian Government, each one rebuked by the IMG, the military leaders of the Norfolk fleet knew that the defenders of Aland would be preparing their defenses for all possible scenarios. With that in mind, the impossible was thought, prepared and enacted. Using the experimental jump-drive of the Olympia, a part of the Norfolk fleet did an in-system jump appearing point-blank in front of Aland and its unprepared defending forces. Some ships materialized in the asteroid formations, being forever trapped in them, but the bulk of the forces managed to attack upon arrival, taking advantage of the chaos between the IMG forces. The innovative combat techniques used to capture Aland before the enemy could organize a proper defense and to sow confusion in the garrison are now considered mandatory study in military academies.

The capture of Aland shipyard is seen as yet another Bretonian foray into the Omegas, and concerns that this may herald a new status quo of Bretonian expansionism into the Walker Nebula continue to grow.

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Heavy Fighter
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