Battleship Yamaguchi

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Battleship Yamaguchi
Sekigahara class Battleship
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Flag-kusari.png Kusari Naval Forces
3F, Honshu
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

After seeing heavy combat in the war and playing a critical role in the capture of Stokes Mining Station, Battleship Yamaguchi retreated to the Newcastle system where the Gallic Royal Navy cut off its route to Kusari. In late 818 A.S., during the push of the Gallic Navy into Leeds, Council forces made contact with the Kusari exiled fleet. Realizing the Roussillon system would allow the wayward Kusari ships to return home, they offered them safe passage through, hoping that the return of the Exiles would cause Kusari/Gallic conflict to rekindle. The Nagasaki was the first Exiled ship to re-enter Kusari controlled space in over a year and a half.

Yamaguchi was spotted and attacked by a Gallic strike force as it exited the Nebula in which it had hidden in Newcastle. Damaged but operational, it retreated into the Roussillon system, where it underwent some field repairs to make it marginally combat-ready again.

After the initial push made by the Nagasaki and its battlefleet, Yamaguchi entered in behind then quickly moved off to the side, into Tottori. With local support, securing that edge Kusari system was an easy task. Final repairs were completed at Cape Soya, which took a month of the station's full attention. Battleship Yamaguchi currently serves as a training platform for militia volunteers, Farmers Alliance pilots, and Republican deserters while waiting for additional forces to be mustered so that it may move on from the system.

In 825 A.S., the civil war between the Imperial and Republic forces came to a peaceful conclusion. Battleship Yamaguchi now serves as a protector to the gradually healing Kusari, keeping a watchful eye as it holds low orbit around Planet Aso in the Kyushu system.

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