Beaumont Base (Ile-de-France)

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Beaumont Base
Chatel class Station
Beaumont Base (Ile-de-France).jpg
BrigandsLogo.png Gallic Brigands
3D, Ile-de-France
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 420

Ironically, Beaumont Base bears the same name as a Junker base in Texas. This fact is most likely a coincidence, though some Junkers suggest that the idea to name the Texas base (built in 763 A.S.) came from the Gallic overseers of Junker activity in Sirius. Beaumont was built in Ile-de-France back in 303 A.G.S., shortly after Beauvais was constructed. The bulk of Beaumont's initial hull was comprised of the junk and stolen parts from Beauvais construction sites. It was built by a group that would later become known as the Junkers. A well-known theory suggests that the Junkers actually owe their name to Beaumont's outlook: the station looked like a piece of junk floating in space. Later on, as Junkers grew richer, Beaumont was rebuilt, and while some of its parts still resemble its rough origins, most of the station looks more or less professionally constructed.

Beaumont was frequently visited by various parties, including Gallic pirates, freelancing traders, and covert agents of Gallic corporations. Additionally, it is suspected to be the primary local source of Nox, a drug that originates from Provence and has gained massive popularity in Ile-de-France and other higher-class planets of central Gallia despite government attempts to curb its spread.

Upon hearing about the misfortunes at Lixheim in 737 A.G.S., the Gallic Junker leadership had the base fortified to resist the expected assault. The crew, however, were not confident in their security. They staged a coup, removing their former leaders and declared themselves as Brigands in a transmission to the rest of the Gallic unlawfuls. This course of action proved to be wise, as the Maquis were planning on a strike, but called it off.

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