Cassandra-Marie Dominique

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Cassandra-Marie Dominique
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Affiliation Corsairs
Born 794 A.S., Planet Crete
Died Still alive

Cassandra-Marie Dominique (4th May 794 AS - Present), informally just Cassie, is the current heiress to the Dominique Estate on Planet Crete and is at present in service to the family head, her grandfather, Ginuva Leandro Dominique. Although a Corsair, much of Cassie's childhood was spent in Liberty, where she still holds minor influence and connections under a false persona. She has since returned to serve the Empire directly and seeks to earn her place in their ranks.


  • Name: Cassandra-Marie Dominique
    • Common Aliases: "Silver" Cassandra, Jessica Sullivan, Jessica Waters.
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance:
    • Complexion: Hispanic
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Height: 1.75m (5'9)
    • Weight: 61kg (134lbs)
  • Education: Liberty Master's Degree in Ship Engineering and Mechanics.
    • Korakies, Planet Crete - Theodoropoulos Private School (Ages 4-7)
    • Manhattan Metropolis, Planet Manhattan - Staten Is. First Academy (Ages 7-14)
    • Manhattan Metropolis, Planet Manhattan - Bellerophon State Academy (Ages 14-17)
    • Manhattan Metropolis, Planet Manhattan - Manhattan First Institute of Technology (Ages 17-22)
  • Known Relatives:
    • Father: Cid Elias Dominique (October 7th, 772 AS - Present, age 48). Son of Ginuva Leandro Dominique and husband to Ana Sofía. Unlike this pair, Cid is a careful and resourceful man who prefers to fight his battles with words rather than fierce volleys of gunfire. For much of his life he has been at odds with his father due to their clashing natures, and after a failed takeover of the family in 801 AS he was assigned the task of infiltrating Liberty to act as the eyes-and-ears of the Corsair empire, where he remains an out-of-sight asset of the family. He has since excelled at this role, establishing and maintaining a vast network of subterfuge and illegal activity within Liberty core space; nary an Artifact enters or leaves the region without his knowledge if not involvement. During the past nineteen years he has been key in feeding information concerning Liberty back to the Corsairs.
    • Mother: Ana Sofía Dominique, née Guerrero (June 19th, 775 AS - January 4th, 801 AS. Deceased, age 26). A Corsair pilot of minor repute, Ana Sofía was a beautiful and intriguing young woman who seized the hearts of those she met. She died heroically in 801 AS in battle against defending Outcast forces in Omicron Eta during an assault coordinated by her father-in-law, Ginuva Leandro Dominique. It is no secret among the family that her death sparked many tensions; Both Ginuva and Cid, who was present in the attack but who is a poor pilot, blame one another for the incident.
    • Grandfather: Ginuva Leandro Dominqiue (May 19th, 739 AS - Present, age 81). A seasoned and respected Corsair veteran, Ginuva has proven his ruthlessness time and time again. Now retired from his successful years of piloting and raiding, he remains on Planet Crete managing the affairs of the family and coordinating their activities from la Hacienda de Dominique. He often considers Cassie as his own daughter and heir, naming her hija as opposed to nieta, granddaughter, and frequently overlooks his sons' existence.


Ambitious and determined, Cassie is proud of her Corsican heritage and values her connection with her people greatly. She believes the Corsairs are the "noble" unlawful of Sirius, treating situations logically and productively and with a degree of humanity - As opposed to your average petty pirate or Outcast half-wit. She is independent and strong-willed, having fought hard to return to the society she was robbed of as a child by her father. She is deeply loyal to her family and brothers and sisters of the Empire, standing strong beside them in any hostile situation, and seeks to realize the goals of the Corsair nation and la familia de Dominique.


Early Years: 794-809 AS - Ages 0-15

Cassie was born the daughter of Cid Elias Dominique, the then-well respected inheritor of her grandfather's estate and social standing within Corsican high-society, and Ana Sofía Dominique, a skilled pilot. Her early life was spent in and around the Dominique Estate where she was favored strongly by her grandfather, instilled with the strong pride and fearlessness of the Corsairs, and was a keen learner for all things mechanical. At age seven, in 801 AS, she was struck hard by the death of her mother and severing of friendly ties between her father and grandfather. With dissatisfaction and anger at his leadership, Cid attempted to seize control of the family's assets from Ginuva but failed, and was instead dismissed from the estate and sent deep behind enemy lines, indefinitely, to gather intelligence and serve as a point of contact within Liberty. Cid's harshest retaliation on his father was to take Cassandra with him, removing the girl from Ginuva's aggressive influence.

Arriving on Planet Manhattan in the heart of New York under carefully crafted false identities, Cid used family funding to acquire a number of small legal and law firms and within a few short years had forged them into one of the largest espionage networks that the Corsairs have access to, right under the public eye. On the surface they remain legitimate businesses earning him a small fortune, which is bolstered significantly by his black-market connections with the Liberty artifact trade. Now free from the terrors of his father, he began carefully schooling his daughter to be a resourceful and cunning young girl; traits which she has kept to this day, hand-in-hand with the relentlessness and strength of Ginuva when required. Known in the region under the false persona Jessica Sullivan, she enrolled in the school system and began her double life. With time she slowly become disillusioned with her father and harbored her own dreams of returning home to serve the Empire proper. From the age of fifteen she began her own efforts of aiding the Corsair nation, applying growing knowledge of hacking and digital infiltration to assist in his subterfuge and return sensitive information.

Corsair Contact: 809-816 AS - Ages 15-22

At sixteen, a year following her initial foray into the criminal world, Cassie began organizing her own black-market transactions, sabotaging drug-trafficking operations and becoming involved with both artifact and counterfeit software trades. By eighteen, in 812 AS, she was personally involved with small-scale, high-value artifact and black-market munition distribution to a number of senior Libertonian politicians and corporate executives, with the ability to contact, call on or blackmail them remaining to this day. Growing more and more independent of her father, she re-established contact with the Corsairs through Ginuva and was gladly welcomed back into the fold of the family. He urged her to remain for several years longer, a point of trustworthy contact within Liberty, while her persona as a student was still reliable - and she took the opportunity to expand her expertise with mechanics by enrolling herself into Manhattan's First Institute of Technology.

Graduating at age twenty-two in 816 AS, Cassandra - or Jessica, technically - received no less than four offers of enlistment in various corporate and engineering firms, but declined them all. Already an eager and naturally talented pilot, she earned her wings and took to the skies immediately and began planning her departure from the oft-sickening core space. It was during her first few weeks in space that she encountered Vale Waters, a Bretonian freelance undertaking security contract work within the New York and surrounding systems. Keeping character always, she crafted a close friendship with the man, often manipulating his compulsive gambling and whimsical attitude to her advantage with steadily increasing stakes and debts. Gradually, she brought him round to sympathize with the Corsairs and, in a bargain he is still yet to fully understand, falsified a fake marriage between them in order to become Jessica Waters; a "civilian" with ties now in both Liberty and Bretonia. Although Vale understands the marriage is a fake and "Jessica" is merely a persona, he neither knows or wants to know the depths of her true identity or actions; there are things in the world that could be problematic to a mans' health, after all. The two remain in occasional contact, although it is almost entirely business and concluded from a distance.

Satisfied in her connections and hooks in the colonies, Cassandra returned to the open arms of Crete later the same year, to rejoin her brothers and sisters in the Empire.

Present: 817-820 + AS - Age 26

Once again an official citizen of Crete, Cassie had herself initiated into the ranks of the Corsairs as soon as possible. While she is in the employ of her grandfather, many of her actions are independent or else contracted by other Corsairs. She has yet to devote herself to any particular cause or faction beyond the larger collective body of the Corsairs. Within her first few weeks back in Omicron Gamma, she undertook the Trial of Malvada - as all young initiates into the Corsairs do - to earn herself some much needed respect in the eyes of the Empire. Since, she has participated in and supported a large number of Corsair raids, travelling as far as New London and Omicron Alpha and facing off against a plethora of enemies including, but not limited to, the Outcasts, Red Hessians, Rheinland Military, the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army, the Bounty Hunters Guild, Bounty Hunters Guild Core, The Order, the Zoner Alliance and occasional Nomad threats.

Despite this, she seeks further action and glory, hoping to one day earn herself a position of pride and respect in the nation.


"Prudencia", an M9 Gladiator, Cassie's preferred vessel.

"Prudencia" - Prudence - M9 Class Gladiator Corsair Heavy Fighter.

Utilizing nearly all of her hard-earned money from her antics in Liberty, Cassie arranged for this custom-built M9 to be ready and waiting for her upon her arrival home in Omicron Gamma. Sure enough, the beautiful vessel was combat ready the moment she reached the hangars of Planet Crete. At first she was wary of it's flaws in comparison to the more dominating M10 Class, but soon she realized it's potential in combat as a superiority fighter. After her somewhat-merciful attitude came to light on the battlefield sparked a passing comment from one of her fellows, she opted to christen the ship as "Prudence", or "Prudencia" in Hispanic. That is, the virtue of exercising sound judgement and practicality or, more specifically, the ability to differentiate between virtuous and non-virtuous actions.

"Domina", an M14 Bomber, Cassandra's long range ship.

"Domina" - The Lady - M14 Class Praetorian Corsair Bomber.

Not long after returning to Corsican territory, the need for a heavier, long-range ship became apparent. With threats from the Bounty Hunters Guild and Outcasts ever present, in addition to failing relations with The Order, capital class vessels intruding into Corsair space rose to become a weekly occurance. "Domina", meaning "The Lady" in an old-Earth dialect which partially evolved into the modern Hispanic still spoken, was commissioned with the support of the Dominique family in order to counter these threats. She also serves as a strike vessel for Cassie's long incursions into hostile space. While it's cargo capacity isn't suited for haulage or looting, an impressive array of firepower is usually sufficient to earn a transport's paycheck.

"La Reina Audaz", an M18 armoured freighter, Cassie's underground and smuggling vessel.

"La Reina Audaz" - The Audacious Queen - M18 Class Correo Corsair Freighter.

Hand-in-hand with more ships and more responsibilities came increased expense. Cassandra's Correo, commissioned mid-818AS, was her answer; An agile, armoured craft that could evade hostiles and deliver small - yet valuable - quantities of cargo throughout Sirius. More daring still, it's wide arrangement of turret and gun mountings allowed it an exclusive opportunity for preying upon weaker trading vessels. For this reason it was named "The Audacious Queen", or "La Reina Audaz" in the common Hispanic tongue. It could commonly be seen operating alone within Bretonian sectors where exquisite collections of alien artefacts were bartered for food and other supplies to return to Crete. In the few short months of the Queens' operation it brought surprising extra wealth to La Familia de Dominique, but was eventually decommissioned the following year in favour of a heavier transport dubbed with the same name.

"La Reina Audaz II", a retrofitted SHI-1800 heavy transport.

"La Reina Audaz" - The Audacious Queen II - SHI-1800 Class Raba Heavy Transport.

With the wealth accumulated through the activity of the previous Queen, an upgrade to a larger, longer-range vessel was a logical step forward. Although of aging design and purchased second-hand, Cassie's Raba was dubbed with the name of it's predecessor and replaced her Correo entirely. Originally an M41 Prototype Corsair gunboat design, the SHI-1800 is now only in production through the shipyards of the Farmers Alliance, and lacks the Corsair technology it was designed for. The Dominique family have partially reversed this downgrade, replacing the Samura manufactured power core with one designed for the M42 Imperator, however the compact (if less powerful) propulsion systems were left intact to prioritize cargo capacity. With a vast hold for cargo, well-maintained weapons systems and an impressive strength of hull, the Queen II enables smuggling operations on a larger scale than it's predecessor, with destinations frequently as far afield as New Tokyo and New York. Although primarily used to haul cargo, the bays of the Queen II can be quickly converted into a makeshift mobile command deck for the Dominique families' larger operations away from home.