Vale Waters

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Vale "Valafar" Waters
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Freelancer
Affiliation None
Born 793 A.S., Planet New London
Died Still alive

Vale Waters (30th April 793 AS - Present), more commonly known by his pilot moniker "Valafar", is a Freelancer of no fixed cause currently working for independant parties across the Sirius Sector.


  • Name: Vale Waters
    • Common Aliases: 'Valafar'
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance:
    • Complexion: Caucasian
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Height: 1.87m (6'2)
    • Weight: 73kg (161lbs)
  • Occupation: Pilot, Freelancer.
  • Known Relatives:
    • Mother: Catherine Susanne Waters; Deceased (764 AS - 816 AS, Age 52). A Senior constable within the Bretonia Police Authority, Catherine had been in active service since she joined at age twenty-one in 785 AS. Following her promotion to Constable in 789 AS, she was reassigned and spent three years working with the Bretonian Embassy on Planet Manhattan, New York. She returned, pregnant with Vale, near the end of 792 AS. The details of her unborn child's father were never made public, and he was born the following April. In 805 AS, following twenty years of active service with the BPA, she was promoted to a position of Senior Constable and stationed on Planet Leeds, to where she and her twelve-year-old son relocated. Catherine died in combat in December of 816 AS when her wing was intercepted by Kusari Naval Forces vessels during assignment at the Leeds Jump Gate within Tau 31, prior to the Leeds offensive of the Kusari-Bretonian war early the following year.
    • Father: Unknown. Likely Libertonian.


Vale was arrogant and rash in his youth, quick to anger and jump to the defense of his ideals and friends, however has calmed considerably through adulthood. At thirty, he have developed into a respectable (if occasionally immature) man with a dedication to his work and a love for his nation. Having served two four-year terms with the Bretonian Armed Forces, he is accustomed to obeying orders and approaches his career with the determination of a military man. He is a capable pilot, and finds immeasurable joy when behind the controls of his spacecraft and when travelling the deep recesses of space.

Due to the recent conflicts and personal losses, he harbours a dislike of anything associated with Kusari or Gallia, and mistrusts those who are aligned with them.


New London Childhood: 793-805 AS - Ages 0-12

As a part of the common single-parent single-child category of families on Planet New London, Vale's childhood was enviously normal and uneventful. His mother was hard-working and loving, and he holds fond memories of countless days spent with his best friend, Michael Feury. An able and popular student, he performed well at school and showed encouraging signs of becoming a respectable young man.

In 805 AS, his mother, Catherine Waters, was promoted to the rank of Senior Constable within the Bretonia Police Authority. While a promising development financially, it meant a transfer to Planet Leeds and a sharp downturn in the family's quality of life. With devotion to her job rivaling that to her family, the two made the move and waved farewell to New London for the foreseeable future.

The Leeds Chapter: 805-812 AS - Ages 12-18

A notably worse environment within which to raise a child, Planet Leeds remained true to its rough reputation. Unwelcome from day one simply because he'd come from the "high life" of New London, Vale's academic performance took a sharp downward turn and remained so for the entirety of his school education. While not disliked in general, being the subject of much bullying just "for the sake of" deterred friendship with his peers and lead to quite the miserable experience. This, coupled with his mothers' increasingly long absences on assignment (frequently beyond the borders of the Leeds system entirely, for weeks at a time) would be enough to drive most children of twelve insane - but instead, vehemently refusing to become dull and depressed, Vale simply started becoming oblivious to it all. Although it didn't help matters, it certainly stopped them getting worse. It did, however, leave a dent in his motivation, leading to much of the personality that he has today. His grades dropped to a sub-average level and although he did graduate, any future ambitions - if he'd had any - would've been hindered by his low scores. He followed the social norm of Leeds and moved from college right into enlisting with one of the plethora of Bretonian factions available, specifically choosing the Bretonian Armed Forces in an attempt to fix a place in the "least dull" line of work that he could.

Much to his surprise, he found a new love in flying - even if it was only simulated. Following the discovery he opted to move back to Planet New London to attend a BAF-run academy and training program. With tensions rising between Bretonia and Kusari in the Tau sector, he was accepted instantly and headed home. Catherine, remaining in Leeds with the BPA, immediately objected to his intentions to join the Armed Forces, although her reasons were not clear enough to persuade him. After all - she'd led a successful life as a pilot, so why shouldn't he follow a similar path?

Armed Forces Enlistment: 812-816 AS - Ages 18-23

Finally inspired and doing something he loved, Vale performed exceptionally well in his studies and training in the Military Academy of East Evelyn on Planet New London. Reunited locally with his childhood friend Feury, things had begun to look up. He earned his pilot's license within a year and began field training in 812 AS, and over the next two years of his stay received many recommendations and offers to join with various BAF units. All the while, his mother was desperately trying to convince him to avoid the same type of life she had endured and hated, warning him that there was no way out. She almost had him convinced on several occasions, but the alternative to becoming a pilot - that is, not becoming one - wasn't an option for him anymore. He was simply too in love with it. With the onset of hostilities in the Tau sector between Bretonia and Kusari, he found himself deployed in the rapidly developing war zone. Headstrong in his ability and eager to protect his home, he fought to counter the endless Kusari assault.

Escape, Encounter, Freelance: 815 AS - Present - Ages 22-26

Vale's situation change significantly with the death of his mother, Catherine, in 816 AS, at the hands of the KNF. On the front line of the conflict at the time and increasingly disillusioned with the BAF's losses, he disobeyed direct orders from his commanding officer and led an offensive against the Kusari battle line. His rash actions cost the lives of four of his wingmen and numerous personal injuries. Conscious of the severity of his actions and his friends' lost lives, he deserted the BAF and crossed the border into Liberty. Advertising himself as a Freelancer, he hoped to gain some focus and understanding of his life while working for various parties.

It was here he met Jessica Sullivan, a young pilot from Manhattan who, much like himself, sought escape from her current ties. The pair became friends and she carefully introduced him to activities below the line of the law such as the blooming trade in black-market munitions and imported artifacts. He began to discover an addiction to gambling and within the year entered into a long-standing deal with the intriguing woman; In exchange for several severe debts - including for his life several times over due to deals gone bad - credits, friendship and a clean slate within Liberty, he agreed to a falsified marriage as his way of repaying the woman who had enabled him to find himself. Truly, inspired by her resoluteness and strict sense of morality, he returned to Bretonia and turned himself in to the Bretonia Police Authority.

His revived sense of duty and forwardness served in his favor during his inevitable court-martial, as did the circumstances of his mothers' death, reducing his sentence to eighteen months incarceration and suspension of his pilots' license for his dereliction of duty. Emerging free in 819 AS, he was unopposed when registering for a new license and papers listing him as a Freelancer. While his ex- BAF record doesn't earn any favor with official corporations, independent parties generally accept it as a sign of experience and prowess. Through Jessica Waters he maintains a connection to an underworld of criminal activity, spurring him to accept work for either side of the law as opportunities present themselves.


Not listed here are records of Vale's short-lived military issue craft, a B-907A "Crusader" very heavy fighter.

A dream for many, Vale's first freelance ship was paid for entirely by a third-party contractor as part of a deal to enlist the new pilots' skills as an escort. The brand new CTE-4000 Griffin Light Fighter was registered to his name and waiting for him within hours of accepting the contract, and, along with a basic equipment loadout, saw him safely through the assignment - which, nicely enough, still paid a good million or more additional credits upon completion.

Utterly absorbed in the riches of such easy work, Vale put the ship through it's paces in a series of further small contracts, but eventually chose to sell the vessel on in favor of a stronger, more reliable upgrade.

Opting for performance and popularity over specialty, Vale's next choice of vessel was the bland, common, yet tried-and-tested CTE-6000 "Eagle" Very Heavy Fighter. The agile craft has already seen him through encounters with several inquisitive Outcast vessels while taking assignments in the Tau sectors, and he's perfectly satisfied with it thus far. Which is good, because he's more or less out of money... Again.