Cheronsee Outpost

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Cheronsee Outpost
D-12 class Station
Cheronsee Outpost.jpg
Efl-flag.png EFL Oil & Machinery
6C, Tau-23
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 170

Cheronsee Outpost was built by EFL in 825 A.S. to support Trade Lane construction in the Tau-23 system as part of a contract issued by the Crown to ease pressure on the supply lines used by Gallic forces in Bretonia. The supply lines were, at the time, overly stretched and action was needed. As a mining base, Indochine Outpost lacked the proper installations to help in the lane construction and a refit would be as costly as a new outpost. Cheronsee was established as the initial phase of trade lane construction from the Languedoc Jump Gate was nearing completion. With the destruction of Indochine at Maquis hands and the near completion of the project in Tau-23, it is likely that EFL will either sell the outpost to the GMS or simply abandon it.

Missions Offered

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