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Languedoc System

Languedoc is a system in the Gallic Border Worlds that harbors one of the two connections into Sirius. For centuries it was heavily patrolled by the Gallic Royal Navy, but during the Second Gallic War it was conquered by a Council sneak-attack. Within a year, Council had opened a path through the minefield and used the resources in Languedoc to construct Reunion Station and contact the rest of Sirius, breaking Gallic isolation.

Languedoc is one of the two systems primarily controlled by Council, and produces a large portion of the resources to fuel Council's war effort. However, the Gallic Royal Navy is amassing a colossal armada in the Dauphine system and plans to take back Languedoc within the year- a move that would force Council to seek refuge in the Tau systems and allow the Gallic Monarchy to begin the invasion of Sirius.

Since the finishing of the Jump Gate to Tau-23 the system have become the main link between the kingdom and the rest of Sirius; including the war.

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System Overview

Local factions
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Planet Quillan
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Le Vigan
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Planet Ales
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Planet Aude
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Planet Cerbere
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Planet Sete


Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Lozere Asteroid Field

A medium-sized asteroid field without any significant mineral deposits. Pirate activity is very high, and it's rumored that a hidden Brigands base is located inside the field.

Herault Ice Asteroid Field

A relatively large field of ice asteroids. Pirate activity is so high that even the Council ships rarely dares to venture into Herault, while civilians just avoid it at all costs.

Artificial Formations

Remoulins Debris Field

A small field of debris remaining after destruction of the Remoulins Station.

Montpellier Debris Field

Several small debris fields not far from Montpellier Station are remnants of space construction activity in this area. Council expanded them farther with debris produced by clearing the mine paths.

Languedoc Minefield

Set up by the Gallic Royal Navy in order to close access to the Orkney jumphole- and thus the rest of Sirius- the Languedoc Minefield was the target of Council's attacks on the system. After securing Quillion and Montpellier Guard Station, Council began clearing a path through the minefield, completing their mission on Reunion Day in 817 A.S. (or 733 A.G.S.). Much of the field still remains, as does a significant debris field containing the wreckage of depleted mines and the Gallic Royal Navy and Council ships destroyed in the Battle of Languedoc.

Notable Events

The Battle of Languedoc

See the section in the Second Gallic War for details.

Jump Gates/Holes

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