Clark "Shadow" Gunson

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Clark Gunson
Origin Liberty
Affiliation The Order
Rank Major
Born September 1st, 771 AS, Planet Manhattan, System New York


Clark Gunson is Major in Order Primary Fleet .As former Liberty Navy pilot in the higher ranks he commanded Liberty Siege Cruiser but after he joined the Order Primary Fleet he used only fighters and bomber and now new gunboat class ship Insanity.

Short Biography

Clark was born on Planet Manhattanas only child of Ash and Katie Gunson 47 years ago. Joined West Point Military Academy as young and got accepted even he never supported Navy much. He was placed in Alaska just after he got Siege Cruiser. He already had wife and child at that point but almost non stop work hours and distance kept them away and it lead to divorce. Clark met old friend in Alaska but constant fighting with nomads in system and little support from Navy led to death of many of his crew members and death of friend. He deserted from Navy to The Order where he was soon accepted in Order Primary Fleet. He worked there alone with few friends that he made. Mostly alone and eager to fight. That lead to fast promotions to Major. His wife died in Kusari where she moved after divorce with son Keith. Keith after her death decided to join Order and maybe look for his father in Liberty but both were surprised when they met on Osiris. Clark is one of the oldest members of Order Primary Fleet and he got his respect there. He hopes his son will take his place one day.


Little project of Major Gunson. Nothing special except special shielding. Special EMS shielding is still under testing fase but there are rumors it failed already on mission to Omicron Major. He was with his son Keith Gunson and rumors say both suffered from nomad mind attack. But it was never confirmed.

Gunboat "Insanity"


Clark is piloting Nephthys and Sekhmet. His skills in smaller ships made him almost a trainer for new Order agents. But his age is slowing him down. He used to have experimental crafts, small fighters and even gunboats but experiments failed and not much is known about them. We only know about last experiment on Insanity. His ships are mostly seen in Omicron Minor where he is based on Battleship Isis.